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1) About 25 to 30% of the muscle mass is composed of myofibrils, known as the contractile proteins - so beware - not 100%, but only a smaller part of the muscle with somanabolic muscle maximizer scam by Kyle Leo

2) About 20-30% are, liquid substances muscle cells, in which "float" all other intracellular components of muscle fibers

3) About 10 to 20% the mass of mitochondria, which are the "power" of each cell, namely energy producers Get More Information

4) The remaining complement to 100% of the other components of muscle cells - organelles, capillaries (microscopic blood vessels - capillaries), fat droplets, glycogen, another energy source - ATP, CP, oxidation and glycol tic enzymes, etc.

So, it is clear that the term hypertrophy (growth) of muscle fibers, we must not only represent one aspect - the muscle protein, but rather the development of all components of muscle cells.

Over the years bodybuilders have gained more and more knowledge about the structure of muscle cells and acquire the two following basic training methods:

1) To achieve maximum growth of muscle fibers, muscles strengthened and increased in volume, train with heavy weights with fewer repetitions (6-8), a smaller number of series and longer pauses between them Get More Information

2) to improve the endurance factors, such as mitochondrial mass, (blood flow), glycogen content, etc., are training with lighter weights, higher reps, sets and shorter rests between sets to exhausted muscles as much as possible and to create the conditions for maximum super compensation like somanabolic muscle maximizer reviews by Kyle Leon

Perhaps these are the reasons why you might not succeed downloaded overweight

You do not shirk when it comes to your health: exercise, watch what you eat, watch your portions of food and almost always resist the temptation to overeat chocolate (though you're only human, right? :). But that stubborn needle on the scale just refuses to shift to the left. What's the problem? Full Report

The answer to this question may be hidden in completely random habits that you do during the day - those habits that at first glance have nothing to do with weight loss, but that may be sabotaging your success in weight loss. These are some of the reasons why your body may " canceled ":

Do you eat always "healthy"? Interesting thing happens when you really focus on it to bring the right decisions related to nutrition and diet. If you already and just "think" that your meal easy and it can cause your body to produce more hormone hireling. Works excess hireling feel less sieves and it signals your metabolism to slow down. To maintain the balance of hireling focus on "concrete" parts of your meal, for example - the nuts and feta cheese in your salad - instead of tomatoes and peppers ...

It helps to choose food that is both healthy and still operates filling - as a bowl of warm creamy vegetable soup. 're too stressed? might think that you will be very stressful given a boost to spending the extra calories. Unfortunately not. In fact, the stress increases the secretion of cortisol, a hormone that signals your body to keep fat, especially those around the belly (and these are the worst because they are associated with diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure and other problems). In addition, cortisol stimulates your appetite, especially for consolation, fatty or sugary foods. Do you need proof? View wikipedia references

A recent survey conducted among nurses throughout Denmark found that those who were very busy (with overtime) and under stress given much more weight than those who worked normal hours and did not feel that they are under some pressure. How to tackle this problem? Change what you can, and if possible, do not annoy too much about what you cannot. If you cannot avoid stress at work, then to the maximum extent possible try to relax at home. Take a walk and try to solve such stress and frustration, treat yourself to a bubble bath, light candles scented with lavender or vanilla to relax. All this will help to lower the levels of stress hormones and reduce the increasing appetite. do not have enough muscle mass?