Conflicts in all classes🌍

Social Studies: industrial revolution

Where i see conflict in history

Industrialization brought with it urbanization, or city growth. Most of the nation’s new industries were located in cities. Immigrants and rural Americans rushed to these industrial centers looking for jobs.

As cities filled with workers, demand for cheap housing exploded. To meet this demand, developers threw up cheap apartment buildings called tenements.

By 1900, about two thirds of New Yorkers lived in such buildings.

Tenements were unclean and even dangerous places to live. Only a few rooms had windows to provide light and fresh air. The rest were dark and airless. In some tenements, the only source of water was a single faucet in a courtyard. Many lacked sewer services. In such conditions, diseases such as typhoid and cholera spread quickly, killing infants and young children.

As cities expanded, urban land costs shot up. In New York, land that had sold for $80 in 1804 was selling for $8000 by 1880. Such prices inspired builders to construct more building space on less land by going upward.

The rapid growth of the cities produced serious problems. Terrible overcrowding in tenement districts created sanitation and health problems. Garbage accumulated in city streets. Filth created disease. Typhoid, malaria, and a lot of other medical conditions would flood through communities since many of those people living there were too poor to afford good medical care.

The poverty in the cities also led to crime. Orphans and homeless children sometimes resorted to picking pockets and other crimes. Gangs roaming the poor neighborhoods committed more serious crimes.

New social classes emerged due to urbanization during the industrial revolution. The entrepreneurs as well as the business people gained enormous wealth. This led to a class divide, where the workers in the factories became the have-nots and the factory owners, with their huge wealth became the haves.

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conflict in english

Conflict is very evident in English class.

Conflict: A conflict is a struggle between opposing forces. An internal conflict is a struggle a character has with his or her self, usually involving a decision or a fear.

Here are some stories we've read that have conflicts Forged by fire

  1. Forged by fire

  2. Mississippi Trial

  3. Tears of a tiger

  4. how to kill a mocking bird

  5. Battle of jericho

These are 5 novels that we have read that have great conflicts.Im gonna tell you all about them .I will stary by going down the list from 1-5.

First is Forged by fire

there is two conflicts here

Internal conflict:

Gerald is having trusting problems he dose not want Jordan to be around Angle at all because what happened in the past. Gerald wants the best for Angle. He also wants his mother to get better and start acting like a mom.

External Conflict:

Gerald's best friend Rob died in a car cash with his friends but he is the only one that died.

Second is Mississippi trial

conflict between Hiram and his dad. Hiram believes that his grandpa is a good man, but Hiram’s dad tries to tell Hiram that his grandpa isn’t the man that Hiram thinks his grandpa is. A conflict exists between Hiram’s father and grandfather also . There is also conflict between Hiram and this boy named R.C. Rydell. R.C. likes to do bad things for fun, but Hiram is a person who likes to be nice and fish, so they don’t really get along. Then, there ends up being a conflict between Hiram and his grandpa. Hiram ends up finding out what his grandpa is really like and doesn't really like it thrilled about it. Lastly, white people and black people in the South are constantly fighting. The whites don’t like the black people, but all the black people are trying to do is get along.

Third is Tears of a tiger

The external conflict is that Andrew has killed his best friend, Rob Washington, in a car accident because he was drunk. He now has to deal with Rob's parents, his parents, the other students, his friends, and his teachers when he returns. They all know what he has done. Rob's parents want him to move on and get past it and don't want to discuss it with him. The students are angry because Rob was a really popular person, being the basketball star of the school, and they miss him. Every day he has to go to school and face these people. His best friends and his girlfriend,Keisha, are trying to understand, but he isn't making it easy because of all the internal conflict going on in his mind.

Fourth is Battle Of jericho

conflict is Jericho faces over whether or not to join the club, and then whether or not to stay in it.

Fifth is How to kill a Mocking Bird

The decision to lie was a struggle for the Sheriff. If he arrested Boo, it would have been like killing a mockingbird.

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conflicts in science


i see a conflict between Religion and Science

Science deals with the study of nature, its forces, processes and development. It is based on the analysis of is a working hypothesis, that processes events that happen due to natural causes, not through divine intervention. It has rarely intrudes in matters of morality, the existence and nature of spirituality,and supernatural things etc. However, biologists, cosmologists investigate topics like how the universe started, etc.

Religion deals with matters of faith. Its main basis is often revelation from a deity ; either orally transmitted from generation to generation, recorded in a sacred text, or revealed to individuals through prayer. Most faith groups teach of the existence of one or more deities who created the universe, and continue to play a major role in managing it -- sometimes bypassing the laws of nature to create miracles. A main function of religion is to teach moral principles, mankind's relationship to the god or goddess, behavior towards other humans, spiritual matters, etc.

Cosmology, geology, astronomy, etc. Many believers within the conservative wing of Christianity claim that the earth is less than 10,000 years of age. They interpret the creation and universal flood stories in the Biblical book of Genesis as being literally true. 95% of scientists reject a literal interpretation of the book of Genesis. They believe that the earth is about 4.5 billion years old, that no world-wide flood has happened, that humanity and other species evolved from a common ancestor, etc

There is constant conflicts between conflict and religion.I think there always will be.

if you wanna find out more about this subject visit

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Conflict in math

When i think of conflict in math

Finding the missing side length in volume is a conflict because if you don't know the other missing side length you won't know how you got to your answer or how to check over it. A rectangular prism of volume 3200 mm3 has a rectangular base of length 10 mm and width 8.Find h

Finding the missing side length of a problem is fairly easy to me.I will tell and show you the way to get your answer.First you have to determine which lengths you already have this problem you have the lengths 10mm and 8mm.You have to multiply the two lengths times eachother.Try it …. You should of got 80 as your answer.Now that you have theat your next step is to find the volume .In this problem the volume is given it is 3200 mm3.Now all you have to do is divide your volume of 3200 by your multiplied answer of 80 and see what you get….. You should of gotten 40 as your answer.Now put it in the place of H .Multiply all 3 numbers times eachother and if you get 3200 that means your answer is right and you are done. If you need more help on understanding this visite this website and watch this video it should help you . And it should help you if you need it.

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My conflicts in general


I see conflict daily in my life rather is between me ,my family,my friends or just complete strangers, conflict is everywhere. there is a conflict right now between Hillary Clinton,Ted Cruz and Donald trump.They all want to be president.There is also conflict between me and some people. You see Conflict presents in various form. It occurs in many different places, willingly or unwillingly affecting a person's mind and action. A range of conflict is represented by different composers through the usage of different structure and several techniques such as setting, dialogues, music, language and camera angles.Conflict is a fight or struggle or clash between people with different interest. Conflict occurs in all social setting, and has a great impact upon a person's day to day life. Conflict seems to change as with age. As a child one would consider conflict being not allowed to play with a toy by a peer. During adolescence conflict seems to change being pressured by friends to do something against an individual's beliefs, which can lead to a problem. An adult conflict seems to be taken more emotionally because of how passionately one feels of their personal views. In my opinion i think there is a way to solve very conflict it might no be easy but there is a way whether it's removing the object causing the problem whether it's the people causing the problem.

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