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December 11th, 2020

CCA Motto: To share the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, preparing hearts and minds to impact the world for Him.

CCA Guiding Principles: We teach 1) Christian Principles and Character, through 2) Christ Centered Academic Excellence, while promoting 3) American Patriotism.

Parent Reminders

December 14th: 4-H Meeting from 3:15-4:15pm in the CCA Cafeteria

December 15th: Auction Meeting at 7:00pm in the CCA gym

December 17th: 6-11th Band Program at CCA from 7:00pm-7:45pm

December 18th: Early Dismissal at 11:30, no lunch or after school care will be provided

*There are 3 driveways into CCA. The middle driveway is an exit only. Please do not enter into the CCA parking lot through the middle exit. When exiting out the middle driveway, please use the left side of the exit to turn left and the right side of the exit to turn right. We want to keep everyone as safe as possible when exiting CCA. Thank you!

*We have several sweatshirts and sweaters in the lost and found at CCA. If your child is missing something please let the office know and we will look for the item.

December's Character Trait: Patience

The December character trait is patience. Colossians 3:12 says, “Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” Our CCA students shared what patience means to them. Angelina, from 10th grade, says patience is “dealing with people.” Kaylee, a 1st grader, says patience is “dealing with her sister.” Finally, Levi, of 9th grade says patience is defined as “taking the time to do something.”

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Chronhardt

Mrs. Shelley Cronhardt is one of the Spanish teachers at CCA. She attended William Jewell College from 1995 to 1999. Her first job out of college was a supervisor at a Tyson Chicken Plant. She currently works as a bank teller and at CCA as the Spanish teacher. She’s taught Spanish at CCA for 5 years for grades K-4 through 12th grade. Her kids, Marlee, Logan, and Vivian attend CCA as well. Mrs. Cronhardt’s favorite Bible verse is Exodus 14:14 “The Lord will fight for you while you keep silent.” Some of her favorite pastimes are reading, writing, singing and talking. Her words of advice to everyone, “Christ is all that matters. Living a life that serves and glorifies Him is the most important thing.When making decisions, ask yourself whether it is important in comparison to the span of eternity. Life on earth is truly a vapor. Each breath could be your last and what is left behind will not matter when you’re face to face with God. The purpose is not to live your life to the earthly fullest, but to live it to its utmost heavenly goodness.”

Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Bancroft

Mr. Roger Bancroft has been a teacher at CCA for 14 years. In total, he has been teaching for 45 years. Mr. Bancroft’s wife is Patty Bancroft. They have 5 children, four daughters and one son, and 15 grandchildren. Mr. Bancroft attended college at CMSU (now UCM). This year he is teaching 7th and 8th grade grammar and literature. In the past, Mr. Bancroft has taught composition, but his favorite class to teach is literature and his non-violent crisis intervention class. In the non-violent crisis intervention class, he teaches other teachers how to protect themselves against students without harming the student. Mr. Bancroft does not only teach, he also coaches. He has been coaching for 35-40 years. In the past he has coached varsity track, middle school football, varsity and JV girls and boys basketball. He currently coaches the CCA girls junior varsity and varsity basketball teams this year. When asked if he was optimistic for this season he responded, “I believe in the girls we have, their character and work ethic will carry us far. My goal is to win every game we should and a couple games we shouldn’t." Mr. Bancroft is a huge part of our CCA family and we are glad he is here.

Christmas Band Concert

Mr. Helmig is the director of CCA’s beginning and concert bands. This is his second year directing the bands. He is looking forward to seeing the students progress and growth, as well as watching them show off their talent in the upcoming Christmas concert. Quarantine has affected practice time, as well as preparation for the concert, as it is more difficult to play as a band when spread out. Both beginning and concert bands are going to play at this year’s concert. Mr. Helmig’s favorite songs that will be played by the concert band are Chips and Salsa as well as Song of Hope. The band’s personal favorite is chips and salsa. This year’s concert will differ in a few ways, as time to prepare has been shorter, and it will be different as they will be playing in the gym.

Old Time Popcorn Balls


2 cups granulated sugar

1 ½ cups of water

½ teaspoon salt

½ cup light corn syrup

1 teaspoon vinegar

1 teaspoon vanilla

5 quarts popped corn


Butter sides of saucepan. In it combine sugar, water, salt, syrup, and vinegar. Cook to hard ball stage (250°). Stir in vanilla. Slowly pour over popped corn, stirring just to mix well. Butter hands lightly; shape balls. Makes 15 to 2 balls.

Big picture

Chapel 12/4

On 12/4, Chapel was presented by Josh Gill who is the youth group pastor at First Baptist Church. He passed out a paper and had us talk about 2 or 3 different things that apply to each topic and examples of each. He talked about hope and advent as well. We all need to remember that we are in the middle of advent. Advent runs from November 29th to December 24th. The candles of advent mean Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace.

Basketball Game Schedule for December 14th-18th

Monday Dec, 14:

  • 5-7th Girls and Boys Basketball at Leesville - Bus departs at 4:30 and returns at 8pm.

Girls play at 5:30pm , Boys play at 6:30pm

Please check the CCA google calendar for practice days and times.

Girls Varsity vs the Center Place Eagles

On Tuesday, December first, the girls Varsity Basketball team claimed their second win over the Center Place Eagles! The score was very close throughout the game, both teams were extremely aggressive and fired up! Audrey made many three pointers, while Jessica and Lydia got several offensive and defensive rebounds! Molly forced a large amount of turnovers. Kylie and Lauren’s defense was on fire! The Varsity Lady Patriots are three for three this season so far, and everyone is looking forward to a strong season!

Boys Varsity Win

On November 30, 2020 the boys Varsity Basketball team hosted their season opener and claimed a win of 44-37 over the Show-Me Angels! It was a tight game throughout all four quarters. During the game every player showed determination and grit while also adjusting to each different situation. Jon and Isaiah showed extremely good defense, while Corban had many offensive rebounds and putbacks. Kade forced the Angels into many turnovers. Jared and Josh both made several points for the Patriots. Overall, everyone played hard and are looking forward to a strong season!

Varsity Boys at Garden City

On Thursday December 3rd, 2020 the Patriots boys Varsity team claimed their second victory of the season against the Garden City Eagles with an overwhelming win of 59-30! Jake had his highest Varsity CCA scoring game with 14 points! Every rostered player got a chance to show their skills during the game which gained them many turnovers, rebounds, steals and in the end a hard earned win! Great job Patriots, Keep it up!

First Boys Junior High Game

The Junior High boys had their season opener against Center Place Eagles with an overwhelming win of 56-17! The boys maneuvered around their opponents making many offensive rebounds, turnovers, and steals! The Junior High Patriot boys team is looking impressive entering a new season season!

7th and 8th Grade FCA

The 7th and 8th graders had FCA on Friday, December 4th. The students began by playing a human version of Tic-Tac-Toe (pictured below). The 7th graders went against the 8th graders in this competition. Afterwards students talked about what they are thankful for in regards to athletics. One of the answers was “good sportsmanship and the ability to play the game.” After their talk, the sponsor, Jeff Adams, gave the 7/8th graders a snack which included individually wrapped candy.

Hallway Art at CCA

CCA Alumni … Where are They Now?

Benjamin Griffey is our featured CCA alumni this week. CCA has impacted his life in many ways. The most important impact to him is his worldview, as he says “I am coming to realize that many people around me value different things, and thanks to CCA I feel ready to defend the values I have as well as spread the light of Jesus to those around me.” When asked if his education at CCA made a difference in where he is at now he had this to say, “Absolutely, thanks to CCA I have always felt ahead in school wherever I have been. Because of the higher expectations at CCA, especially in English, I went into my Freshman High School classes bored because it felt like a step down at first. I initially wanted to see if I could test out of my freshman English class. While those classes seemed tedious, they allowed me to focus on learning formatting for papers since I knew I had the grammatical and content aspects of writing down. Today, I am in Honors classes doing huge research projects and papers, and I almost never have to worry about grammatical errors, which allows me to focus entirely on content. CCA definitely seems difficult while you are there, but it prepares you to be able to do whatever you want after graduating.”When asked who his favorite teachers were, he had this to say “That is a super tough question. There are so many teachers that I enjoyed having. The teachers I have the strongest memories of are probably Mr. Bancroft and Mr. Stephenson. Both of them pushed us as students, but were also a lot of fun to have as teachers. Of course, I would be remiss to not mention having my mom as an art teacher as another favorite.” He has friends in CCA that he would like to keep in touch with, but while everyone is so busy he tries to keep up with them through social media. He went to Clinton Highschool, and is attending college at Missouri Baptist University in Saint Louis. Benjamin has 6 siblings. When asked about his future life plans, he said “Well, I am getting engaged this week, so that is super exciting. I am beginning to job search for worship leadership jobs in the St. Louis area. I would not rule out coming back to Clinton at some point, but I have really enjoyed my time in St. Louis, so I think I am going to stay put for a while.” When asked about his favorite sports he said “Soccer is my favorite sport to both watch and play. I have spent nearly all my life playing it and love to keep up with leagues all over the world. I also played basketball and did track at CCA. In High School I was a part of a 4x800 relay that broke the CHS record.” Finally, when asked about his hobbies he said “A lot of my hobbies are related to music. I am very interested in music technology and recording, so doing research on that and doing my own recording is something that I have really enjoyed. I really enjoy playing games with friends. We have played board games, video games, Dungeons and Dragons, etc. During covid, I have started to take an interest in chess and have enjoyed getting to learn about it.”

HS Student Council 12/4

High School student council met on Friday, December 4th to discuss the high school Christmas party. They decided to have the party on December 18th from 10:50-11:30. Students will then enjoy tacos, provided El Camino, and participate in a white elephant gift exchange; gifts will be sponsored by the HS student council and provided by Equity Bank. If possible, students have been asked to bring a non perishable food item (not cornbread) for the Samaritan’s Center. Dismissal will be at 11:30 for the entire school.

Survey Says...

This week's survey says question is, “Would you rather have an angel or a star tree topper for your Christmas tree?"

The star tree topper wins the majority with 72% wanting a star tree topper and 28% wanting an angel tree topper.