The Donner Party 1846

By Danny Lurvey

The Donner Party

This was back in the 1842 when the Donner Party had happened.The Donner is about a group of people that are traveling from their hometown in Springfield. Their plan was to get to California and to get their safe and sound.The Donner party was with the Reeds and they want to travel to California together. They were going to make it to California but then it had started to snow.They were super upset because then cannibalism.It was getting pretty terrible because that is deliriousness. But they ate them any way because they were slowly dead from starvation.

The Donner Party Pictures

The Donner Party Info

The Donner were taking so many times taking so many breaks along the whole trip until they had gotten to California.The Donner's were thinking they were going to survive the whole trip.It was going to be hard for them because they were still in Springfield.They were are part of the Donner Party the whole group of the Donner Party had taken the Hastings Cutoff.It was in 1843 when they had taken the Hasting Cutoff route but it was super hard for the Donner Party.The group which was not part of the Donner Party they had not not Taken the Hasting Cutoff.They had taken the normal route instead of the Hastings Cutoff route because they had thought it would not bring them to California faster than the normal route

How The Donner Party Ended

It had ended fast they had gotten to the Sierra Nevada Mountains and they had sat their because the top of the Mountain.They had sat their they had became delirious because they were not eating and drinking enough.They had started to eat people because they thought they were died and it was the right thing to do.They were delirious and don't know what to do like they they can catch the suns in their hands.They thought they had ran out of people to eat so they had went out to find the Native American that had left.So the Native Americans did not get killed by the people who had joined cannibalism.They had been waiting for a long time so then they had found things to eat.People had rescued the people that was still alive they had saw the half eaten bodies of the people who ate them.

Donner Party Trail

Oregon Trail and Donner Party

Donner Party Collage

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