By: Moroti Oyeyemi

Background Information

Let's start from the beginning. Brazil is an independent country since 1848 that was controlled by France. But now, Brazil is an independent Portuguese speaking country that has a capital known as Brasilia. Some other major countries you may confuse with the capital are Rio de Janero, Salvador, Maraba, and Rio Branco. They also have a flag with some blue and yellow with other select colors. Look below for the picture.

Economic and Political Information

Brazil is located in South America. Brazil is striving to have a strong democratic government. Their leader is Dilma Rousseff leading the mostly capitalistic country. They use the currency of Reais.

Tourist and Geographical information

Brazil is a very interesting country. Brazil has many physical features and tourist attractions such as the Brazilian highlands, Mato Gross, and the Parnibar River. There are also many things to do on Brazil with a great climate. Tourists can visit the Amazon rainforest and see the famous Christ the redeemer statue. These are just some of the things. Go there to see for yourself!
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Christ the redeemer