Trade Show Enhancement Plan

POW & SIA Video Invitation

Who We Are:

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A Little Bit About Us:

  • been in business since 1989
  • specialize in creative events/tradeshow marketing
  • support consumer and industry trade shows
  • located in the heart of Washington, DC
  • 84% client retention rate

Meet Our Team:


Protect Our Winters

  • snow-based recreation in the US contributes $67B annually to economy
  • supports over 900,000 jobs
  • about P.O.W:
  1. 501c(3) nonprofit
  2. environmental advocate
  3. uses funds to pay lobbyists on The Hill to evoke governmental policy change

SIA's partnership with P.O.W. will generate revenue to help pay lobbyists to advocate for our mutual cause: a healthier climate for continued snowsporting

  • A win-win

How We've Been Noticed:

  • received four ADDY awards during our 25 years of business
  • CIM Marketing Team of The Year in 2008
  • Clio Engagement Award in 2010

What We've Done Recently:

  • 2013 Helicopter Association's Annual Trade Show
  1. increased show attendance by 52% from 2012
  2. retained 96% of new exhibitors in 2014
  3. Article written about our success in AdWeek

What We Plan To Do:

Promotional Mix

  • Partnership with Protect Our Winters
  1. mutually beneficial
  2. equal interest
  • Public Relations
  1. media pitch
  2. press release
  3. recycling process--why does it matter?
  • App development and implementation
  1. add on to SIA app for ease of networking
  • Invites
  1. personalized
  2. USB
  3. landing page
  • Pricing Bundles and Incentives

  1. 4 different bundles: Green Circle Ad Plan- select 3-5 of SIA's advertising options for a 5% discount; Blue Square Ad Plan- select 6-8 of SIA's advertising options for a 10% discount; Black Diamond Ad Plan- select 9-12 of SIA's advertising options for a 15% discount. Double Black Diamond Ad Plan- select 20-29 of SIA's advertising options for a 20% discount.

  2. returning vendors have booth location priority
  3. new vendors can enter at a discounted rate
  • Extras
  1. microbrewery stations
  • Breckenridge Brewery
  • Denver Beer Co
  • Great Divide Brewing Co
  • Strange Brewing Co
  • Wynkoop Brewery
  • 3 redesigned floor layout options

Why These Promotions Matter


Empathy Market Search

Why go to the Show?

  • Not Just about making Priceless connections, but increasing revenue
  • The difference that going to the show made for Armada Skis since joining in 2010
  • An opportunity to meet your competitors and talk about "What Works"

Spec Work

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How We're Going to Do It


  • SIA snowboard flash-drive expenses:

1. 800 flash-drives with SIA logo- $6,600

2. Video production fee- $8,340

3. Landing page- $1,500

4. mailing fees- $20

5. Total = $12,460

  • Print invitations:

1. 800 Digitally printed invitation 6"x18"- $4,000

  • Press release distribution:

1. WebReach Plus- $400

2. Social posts- $75

3. Video- $125

4. Total = $600

  • Recycling event:

1. Relocate shredder- $1,000 per truck load x 4= $4,000

2. Operating fee- $70 per truck load x 4= $280

3. Labor fee- $1,000

4. One-way total cost- $5,280 x 2= $10,560

5. Round trip cost = $21,120

  • Mobile app remodeling:

1. cross-platform networking add-ons- $85,000

  • Agency Fee:

1. $22,820

  • Total for all services: $150,000

In Conclusion:

  • Invitations:

1. 800 flash-drives with customized video invitation (this year: snowboard)

2. landing page will measure success of invitations

  • PR:

1. use the PRNewswire WebReach Plus deal to reach out through a variety of media outlets

  • SIA app expansion:

1. expanding the app will networking easier for exhibitors and retailors (ability to group contact info within app and download to phone contacts)

2. provide companies with individual QR codes that have vCard info free from

  • Bundle/incentives for exhibitors:

1. discount bundle plan options

2. returning exhibitors get priority spots as an incentive

3. new exhibitors get a reduced price as an incentive

  • Recycling:

1. all-day demonstrations of how snowboards and skis can be recycled including information pertaining to POW

  • Extras:

2. we will recommend 3 options for a new floor plan as mentioned before, which will help include the new focus on microbreweries and move traffic along in a more efficient manner.

Why We're The Right Agency For SIA:

  • we have measurable results from the helicopter show
  • we approach budgets efficiently (leaving a cushion for unexpected expenses)
  • we provide strategies for continuous growth rather than 1-time spikes