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December 1, 2021


To provide an exemplary education that develops critical thinking and problem solving skills which inspire our students to challenge their minds and charge their spirits.
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We sincerely hope everyone had the best possible Thanksgiving holiday! We at Challenger continue to have much to be thankful for, and appreciate your continued involvement in your child's education. With that being said, we have three more weeks of learning until another much deserved break. Please ensure your students are arriving to school on time, in dress code, and ready to learn!

Just a reminder, our mid-year progress monitoring will be taking place in many classes within the next couple weeks:

ELA: (iReady Winter Diagnostic) December 1-6

MATH: (iReady Winter Diagnostic/STAR Math) December 7-10

Civics: December 13 & 14

Grade 8 Science:December 13 & 14

Please encourage your student to try their best! Everyone has been working so hard this first half of the year, and it is their time to shine.

I am truly looking forward to an amazing December with all of our staff and students. As always, it is so great to be a Challenger Charger and I wish you and your families a safe holiday and a happy new year!

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Challenger Middle School is excited to announce the formation of the Unity Club!!! This Club is a Student-Ran Organization where students from ALL walks of life will come together to participate in events of their own design to promote an environment of respect, unity, and inclusion throughout our school and our community at large. Ms. Marissa Migdal (, Ms. Dyan Spero (, and Mr. Michael Devlin ( are the faculty sponsors for this amazing club. They will act as advisors and facilitators within the student lead organization, and support students in their quest to promote awareness and inclusion within the community. It is our mission to provide students the opportunities to become leaders inside and outside of the classroom, and give them a place where they will collaborate on creating and hosting events, services, and community service projects at school and around the community for students of all groups. It is our number one priority to be as transparent as possible in all activities that students come up with and participate in. We cannot emphasize enough that this is a club for students, by students, and not the opinions or creations of Administration, Faculty, or Staff at CHMS. If you should have any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to email any of our Faculty Advisors. We look forward to having your student involved in this amazing opportunity. Meeting times are Friday mornings from 8:45am-9:15 am. This Club will begin on Friday December 3rd!


Please join us via Zoom for our PTO/SAC meeting this month! The meeting will be held Thursday, December 2nd at 6:00pm. Please check our school website the day of for the Zoom link. We hope to see many of you on the call!
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Soccer begins Monday, January 3rd, with teams chosen on Monday, January 24th

Students will meet in the gym at dismissal. The first day of the sport, students will receive information about what is needed to continue. All sports are free of charge, with buses provided to each event. We have activity buses, available Monday-Wednesday. These buses must be signed up for prior to use. These buses will drop off at a “safe spot” as close to your house as possible. Parents or guardians must be at the stop to pick up. Intramural and insurance information must be signed and returned prior to practice. These forms will go home the first day of sign ups. The day of sign ups, please have a ride by 5:00 pm, or approval and registration to go to After Care or use our activity bus.

Please feel free to email Coach Hinton at or Coach Sierocinski for any questions or concerns. We look forward to our Challenger Charger Sports!


Our Volleyball season is coming to a close, thank you to our coaches and players for an awesome season! Check out the schedule below to attend our final regular season game at Diplomat, and come check us out for playoffs at home!
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Our teacher of the month is probably one the most selfless people we have at Challenger, Ms. Bethany Sierocinski. Ms. Sierocinski, or Ms. S as many students call her, is a 6th grade language arts teacher and our yearbook advisor. Ms. S is always going above and beyond for her students with her creative and engaging lessons. When teaching, she does not stop until she feels like ALL of her students really understand what she was teaching. This is Ms. Sierocinski's eighth year teaching here at Challenger and she loves it here. She says that her favorite thing about teaching Language Arts is that its never the same, and always different. There are so many things you can do within language arts and she loves exploring all the ways to teach her subject. Her favorite part of her job is the kids. She loves coming to work every day and getting to spend time with them . When asked what it means to be Teacher of the Month she said "I think they're wrong, so many other teachers deserve it, but it feels good to know people care about her." This response truly shows how humble Ms. S is, because she is one of the best teachers we have here at Challenger. Students love her, her coworkers adore her, and she is making such a difference with everything she does here for us.


We couldn't just pick one for our staff member of the month for December. These ladies go hand in hand together and we would be lost without them. Mrs. Teresita Perera and Mrs. Jessica Corro are our two front office ladies. Mrs. Perera has been working at Challenger Middle since this school was open! She used to work at Tropic Isles Elementary school. Mrs. Perera says that her favorite part of her job is to help students and staff members. When we asked her what it means to be named staff member of the month, she said “Thank you but this is just part of my job, and I do it with pleasure.” She has three sons. Two are pharmacists and one is going to become a doctor soon. Moving on to Mrs. Corro, she has been working at Challenger Middle for three years now! Mrs. Corro used to work at payroll for the Lee County School District. Her favorite part of working here with the challenger family is working as a team and being able to help the students and family to provide the best customer service they can. Mrs. Corro says that it is very important for her to be named staff member of the month and that she feels appreciated. She has one daughter who is 6 years old and goes to Gulf Elementary School. Both of these amazing women are extremely helpful to the challenger family and we are so lucky to have them both! Congratulations!

Written By: Adriana Lima


Mr. Charles Heineman, bus #1506, is our bus driver of the month for December. Mr. Heineman has been driving for a total of 21 years and has been with the School District of Lee County for 9. He enjoys building positive relationships with all of his students and is always smiling! Thank you for taking care of our Challenger students!


We are honoring another awesome class pet this month, Mushu the Bearded Dragon! Mushu is owned by our amazing teacher of the month Ms. Sierocinski. Mushu is only four months old and already has quite the attitude. His hobbies include hissing at Ms. S and eating ALL the food. Students love bringing him snacks, and Mushu loves eating them. He spends most of his day hanging out on top of his rock watching Ms. S teach while he basks in the warmth of his heat lamp. Did you know that if a bearded dragon is basking often, eating well, and alert and healthy-looking, this is usually enough to indicate that they are happy overall? Mushu definitely sounds like he's living a pretty happy life here a Challenger! Thank you Mushu for letting us spotlight you this month!


The following students were recognized last month as the student of the month for their respective teams. Each team of teachers came together and chose a student that demonstrates excellent behavior inside and outside the classroom. These students are well mannered, respectful to their teachers and peers, always on top of their schoolwork by completing their assignments on time and show a strong effort to learn each subject.

Congratulations and thank you to all of you for your hard work!

Pintos - James Leasure

Colts - Elijah Bon
Broncos - Alejandra Artega Gonzalez

Mustangs - Madison Billman

Clydesdales - Pierce Evers

Palominos - Jacie Hernandez

Caspians - Davian Anziani

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Every three years the Lee County School District extends an invitation to the Middle School art teachers to submit work for the Holiday Greeting Contest.

This year we have TWO winners Lidia Agostinelli, 8th grade, and Yasmine Monzon, 6th grade.

The winner’s images are blown up to 4” x 6” cards and displayed in the Lobby of the Public Education Building and they will be recognized by the School Board at the December 7th meeting for their contribution.

We are so proud of both of them! Their watercolor work is beautiful. Congratulations to both of these amazing artists!

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We congratulate all our Challenger Middle Troupe #88954 Jr. Thespians!

They came out on top at the District 6 competition with a one act play winning performance! Best in Room went to Heidi Dorris for Monologue; Alanys Reyes, Isabella Velazquez, Isabella Adorno, and Nicolas Velazquez for Pantomime; Georgia Rainero for Solo Musical; and Violet Salcido and Braden Odum for Duet Musical!! Ashley Reichling, Geira Cameron, and Violet Salcido won Critic’s Choice for their Ensemble Acting and Zaira Tavarez for her Costume Design! They will be heading to the Florida State Jr Thespian Festival January 13th-16th and will compete again at the Orlando Convention Center!


We would like to announce that the following students have been accepted to be a part of the All-County Choir for the 2021-2022 season! These students showed much dedication and commitment to prepare for this audition and we are all very proud of them. Please congratulate the following students for their acceptance into the All-County Choir:

  • Dominic Bent (8th Grade)
  • Rachel Smith (6th Grade)
  • Georgia Rainero (8th Grade)
  • Violet Salcido (8th Grade)
  • Marissa Darby (6th Grade)
  • Ava Haglund (8th Grade)
  • Ethan Mohring (7th Grade)
  • Taleah Walters (6th Grade)


On November 9th, there were over 300 students from 19 Lee County Middle Schools who auditioned for the 2021 All-County Concert Band. The ensemble is comprised of 55 students who independently prepare material and audition for a panel of adjudicators. Preparing for the audition requires a strong commitment that goes above and beyond what is required of the students in our performing arts program. The material selected this year was especially challenging allowing our students an additional opportunity to grow and develop as young musicians. Please congratulate the following students for successfully auditioning and being selected for the All-County Concert Band.

  • Jarrod Beaudry
  • Sherlyn Castro
  • Gael Chipres
  • Janelle Carlota
  • Pierce Evers
  • Manuela Gomez
  • Eduardo Hernandez
  • Kevin Hernandez
  • Boris Zayranov

Their concert will be held at 7:00pm on Friday, December 3rd at Cypress Lake High School.

We also would like to shout out Jarrod Beaudry for being selected to perform in the All-State Concert band. This is a HUGE honor and we are so proud of him! Congratulations!!

Our Winter Band Concert will be held in the gym on December 16th and starts at 6:30 pm! ☃️🎵

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Out of Field Teachers

Florida State Statute 1012.42 recognizes that teachers at times must be assigned duties in a class outside the field in which the teacher is certified. The following teachers at Challenger Middle School are engaged in training to add the required endorsements and certifications to their teaching certificate:

Kelly Leidig

Carolyn Salkowski

Luke Miale

Josefina Rivera Ramirez

Allen Szyrwiel

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Lee County School Board

Debbie Jordan, District 4 (Chair)

Betsy Vaughn, District 6 (Vice Chair)

Mary Fischer, District 1

Melisa W. Giovannelli, District 2

Chris N. Patricca, District 3

Gwynetta S. Gittens, District 5

Cathleen O'Daniel Morgan, District 7

Kathy Dupuy-Bruno, Esq., Board Attorney

Kenneth A. Savage, Ed.D.