The Boy Who Saved Baseball

Carter Nesvold


I think that the theme of this story is that practice makes perfect .


Tom was very shy at the start of the story but as the story went on he got more confident and improved his skills in baseball. I think Tom reminds of my uncle Tim because he is shy at the start but once you get to know him he is pretty confident.

How Tom Changed

Tom changed in the story at first he was very shy but towards the end he grew a lot more confident. One example of this is when he offered to pitch in the windy last inning. Another example is he told Maria that he liked her when they were in the small chicken coop.

Summary of the Climax

I think that the climax of the book is when Tom hit the ball straight up and really high and still got a single to win the game, but they found out Doc was dead.

My Hero

My hero is my Grandpa Bob. He is extremely funny. He always wears green shirts, and blue jeans. He was in the Vietnam War and tells funny jokes about when he was there. He plays football with me but ends up tripping in a huge hole and end up ripping his blue jeans. When we make cookies I always steal cookie dough and go hide behind his big couch until he finds me. He is my hero because he never hangs his head when he is down.