The Wildcat Chat

January 2022

Mission and Vision

Mission: We do things the Wildcat Way! We care, we are accountable, we are team players, and we are safe.

Vision: Windy Hills will be a positive place where we respect each other while working together as a team to grow and learn.

Windy Hills Elementary

School Hours: 7:45 am-3:25 pm M-F

School Colors: Blue and Yellow

School Mascot: Wildcat

Approximate Enrollment: 265

Upcoming Events

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5-2nd Semester Begins

7-Future Bearcat Day

14-2nd Quarter Grade Cards go home

14-Kindergarten Field Trip

14-Windy Hills Spirit Day

14-Snack Sales (3rd grade provides snacks)


18-PTO Meeting 6:00 pm

Principally Speaking

Welcome back to Windy Hills for the second semester! We have had a great first semester and we look forward to the rest of the year. A new year always gives us opportunity to reflect upon what we have done well and what we can do better.

Have you been trying to figure out a new year's resolution? If the answer to the question is yes, I have a great suggestion for you. How about setting plans to help your child experience greater school success in 2022? Here are some ideas to be sure your child is successful at Windy Hills.

1. Monitor your students' school work. One way to do this is to have them check in with you after school and share how their day went. A good opening question to help them communicate about this is to ask, " What did you learn in school today?" If you get a vague answer, follow-up by asking them about specific subjects such as: math, reading, or science. Another important way to monitor their work is to have them share any corrected school papers they brought home and discuss them together.

2. Make sure your child gets to school. The more students are in school, the higher their achievement. Children cannot learn if they are not in school. In addition, poor attendance causes students to get behind in their learning and catching up can be very difficult when they return. In fact, poor attendance is often the first step to students being unsuccessful at school.

3. Reward their efforts. Rewarding students for high grades is not as effective as rewarding them for their effort. Students are always trying and want to make you proud. Therefore, the best way to motivate further effort is to notice it, to praise it, and to reward it.

4. Be involved. How important is parent involvement in their children's education? Study after study shows that it may be the top factor leading to student success. At Windy Hills, we offer many opportunities to be involved in your student's education. Please join us whenever you can!

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January is National Reading Month

Mrs. Bott's Spot


I love this list that was published several years ago as part of the "Healthy Communities, Healthy Youth" initiative. Here are some of my favorites:

*List to them

*Read aloud together

*Giggle together

*Tell them their feelings are ok

*Forget your worries sometimes and concentrate only on them

*Set boundaries that keep them safe

*Look in their eyes when you talk to them

*Praise more; criticize less

*Do what they like to do

*Love them, no matter what