Spain and the European Union

Spain joined the EU in 1986.

Spain was not apart of the founding countries of the EU.

History of Spain

Before Spain was an independent country it was conquered by Muslim invaders.

Spain is located in southwestern Europe, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, and is southwest of France.

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The Spainish flag (seen above)

The coat of arms is quartered to display the emblems of the traditional kingdoms of Spain.

The capital of Spain is Madrid.

Four other cities are Cadiz, León, Vigo, and Barcelona.


A city that people visit is Barcelona because it has shopping areas and historic architecture. Another reason people come to Spain is to see the running of the bulls.

Geography of Spain

Spain has large plateaus surrounded by rugged hills.

Government Type

In Spain the have a parliamentary monarchy

Currency Type

In Spain they use the Euro. Before the Euro they used the Peseta or "silver coin"

3 interesting Facts

1. Soccer is the most popular sport

2. The 1992 Summer Olympic Games were held in Barcelona

3. The Spanish name for Spain is España

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