Introduction to I.T.


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Monday 11/16

Make up Day - Progress Report Grades are due Wednesday morning

Tuesday 11/17

Essential Questions: What are the 5 features of Remote Assistance? Why do people create Blogs?

Do Now: In your notebooks provide a brief description of remote assistance and blogs.
Lesson: Take notes on Windows Remote Assistance and Blogging
Independent Work: Course Mastery Lesson 2 - Do section 2
Exit Ticket: On a sheet of paper answer the Essential Questions and turn in to the Bin by Printer 1.

Wednesday 11/18

Essential Questions: Why is it important to communicate effectively over the Internet?

Do Now: Course Mastery Lesson 2 - Do section 3 and 4

Lesson: Take notes on Effective Communication over the Internet & Convergence and Unified Communications

Whole Group Activity: Kahoot

Exit Ticket: Complete Quiz at the end of lesson as review for exam
Study your notes and take home your folders so you may review vocabulary and other exercises from this unit for the exam

Thursday 11/19

Test on Unit 2 - Click Here to access your test on Canvas for Lesson 2 Test

Vocabulary Terms:
  • Collective intelligence
  • Ajax
  • Wiki
  • Folksonomy
  • Podcast
  • Semantic Web
  • Mashup
  • Blog
  • Unified communications (UC)
  • Convergence
  • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Call center
  • Contact center
  • Presence
  • Mobile computing


• Define modern Web technologies

• Define social networking

• Define and use instant messaging and text messaging

• Use Windows Remote Assistance

• Discuss blogging and create a blog

• Discuss effective Internet communication guidelines

• Discuss convergence and unified communications technologies

Friday 11/20