Farming In Colonial Times

By:)Jenny Rose Roberts


Have you ever wondered what farming was like in Colonial times? In this you will find out what life was like in colonial times! How do you like your Mac& Cheese for dinner! In colonial times you did not have any of that. Do you like gardening? How would you feel if you had to harvest your own food? How do you like your fluffy warm bed? In colonial times you had a hay bed or a homemade cloth blanket. I hope you enjoy learning about farming in colonial times!

What Was Farmers Life Like?

Have you ever wondered what life was like in colonial times? In this passage you will find out what life was like was like in colonial times! Most American settlers were not farmers so it was a different life for them. Farmers were always looking for ways to maintain and improve the products of ta little beer to very few people but big land. Farmers got plenty full harvests. Then at around 10:00 A.M. farmers had some beer along with lunch. Dinner was served around 4:00 P.M. with maybe a little beer to wash down the food. When it was time to eat dinner the wife sat down in the chair next to the husband. The oldest daughter set the table, and if there was not an older daughter the wife would set the table. If you were in colonial times you had to break thy bread not bite. Don' t you think that would be a hard life?

What Did Farmers Eat

Haven't you wondered what colonial farmers ate? In this passage you will find out what farmers ate! First almost everyday of the year you would have corn. Once in a blue moon you had shellfish for dinner. Farmers used to plant these crops,Rice,Barley,Oats,Pumpkins and lastly Squash. For lunch once in a while they had beans. Some good seafood farmers used to eat was,Clams,Oysters,Lobsters,and lastly muscles. Some fish that men and sons would fish was,Cod,Halibut,Sea Bass,Herring,Flounder,and lastly the Sturgeon. Farmers had eels and maybe a little deer with some beer to wash down the meal. Farmers with every meal drank cider and maybe some chocalate if you had enough money. Some families also ate rabbit. Some farmers with enough money would buy things like waffles,and maybe some doughnuts. Some butter on bread and some cheese melted in a stew.

What Did Farmers Grow

How do you like gardening flowers or veggies? In colonial times you had to garden and harvest the garden for a life style! Colonial food from Europe was Tomatoes,Turkey,Potatoes,Maize. Vanilla was made by the wives or daughters. Kidney Beans were grown and picked and made into stews. Corn was grown no matter what,because almost everyday of the year farmers had corn! Pumpkins were grown and picked by farmers,then ate in a stew. Some families grew apples,peaches,cranberries and lastly tomatoes. Some good veggies that would be thrown in a stew. Some of the vegetables put in the stew were cabbage. which was grown, as well as ripe tomatoes, and fresh carrots.


At least now you know what like living in colonial times! Now you know what farmers ate in colonial times ate! Don't you think that would be a change living in colonial time from now! Now you know what colonial people used to eat! Now you know what it was like eating,growing,and life in colonial times!


Crop~ The produce of the ground.
Huckleberry~Edible dark blue or black acid berry.
Colonial~ The Thirteen Colonies.


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