Angel's Announce

September 7, 2018

Thank you again!

Thank you for a great curriculum night! And a great week!

Pet Parade

If you are wanting to march in the pet parade, please meet the Old St. Francis school parking lot. Registration is from 7-8:15am at 275 East Alameda street. The registration fee, check or cash only, 1-4 $5, 5+ is $20. Email Angela Feathers for more information at Please wear spirit shirts or students who are in the hysterical/historical parade will be dressed as angels. You can also use this theme.

Hysterical/historical parade

The Student Council will be using the bus as the float in the hysterical/historical parade and be dressed as angels. Students must be accompanied by their parents and will meet at the bus no later than 11:45am.

Students can bring feather boas, yellow, blue or white, face painting, etc...LET'S have fun!

Dollar Tree and Savers has wings you can purchase. Students can also come with spirit shirts with halo's. Again, for more information, contact Angela Feathers at

Picture day

Reminder, picture day is September 12th. It is a mass dress day.

Speaking of mass dress...

We are starting to see more and more students out of dress code. Below is the dress code requirements. If a student is not in proper dress code, they will lose their spirit dress Friday.

We need your box tops!


The Santo Nino website is back up and looks a little different. We are still adding buttons and links to IXL, MSP, etc...We will be adding pictures, bio's, documents, and many many other things. We just ask for a little more patience as we work to update the website to make it much more user friendly.

Be looking for The St. Sebastian Periodical

The St. Sebastian Periodical will be the newsletter concerning all athletic information. That will be the place you can find forms, sports calendar, and athletic volunteer opportunities. The Periodical will be newsletter every 2 weeks beginning today.

St Sebastian is patron saint of athletes. You can find more information about him below.

Shorter Newsletter for a Short Week

We hope everyone has a great and blessed Fiesta Weekend!