Hillary Clinton


Who is Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton is an american politician campaigning for the democratic presidential nomination for the 2016 election hoping to become the first female president of the United States. Hillary was born on October 26, 1947 (68 years old) in Chicago, Illinois and was raised in Park Ridge, Illinois where she lived with her parents and two younger brothers. She got her education in Yale Law School. She later married Bill Clinton who was the 42nd president of the United States.

National Security

As we all know, one of the job responsibilities of being president is keeping Americans safe. She also wants to defeat global terrorism and deprive ISIS of physical/virtual territory. Hillary Clinton said that she will make "sure our military is on the cutting edge" and also said that she would make sure the U.S. " Maintains the Best-trained, Best equipped, and Strongest military the world has ever known." But also said that military force must be a last resort. Hillary would also dismantle global terror networks that support ISIS which is threatening the country in general. She also wants to defeat people who have threatened our friends or allies.

Health Care

Hillary wants to make sure we have equality and wants to make sure that our health care is affordable for everyone. She wants to cut down the prices for health care so that it's affordable and go further to reduce the cost of it. She said that when someone gets sick, she doesn't want for high cost to prevent them from actually getting better. Hillary also said she wants to ensure that "Nobody goes without the health care they need." A way that she want to do this is to use Obamacare to provide health care for illegal immigrants.


College is suppose to help you achieve your goals in life but paying lots of money for it is pushing those goals away. She wants to work hard and make sure that every child gets a good education. She also wants to help support teachers with the training and resources they need. Hillary said that she has a plan to make college more affordable for you and your children and IF you do attend a public college then you wouldn't have to spend a dime so it would be free. She also wants to help with stuff like school supplies so that it's affordable as well.

Women's Rights

Hillary thinks that politicians have no business interfering with women's personal health decisions. She would stand up for legal child abortion. Hillary said that it isn't bad and most people do it because of medical issues and that she wouldn't want to see the government interfering with that decision. Although she said that she would ban all abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy. Hillary's belief on this subject is based on Roe v. Wade supreme court case which deals with Women's rights and abortion.


Immigration is a big issue. Clinton says that she would defend President Obama's executive actions and will go even further to keep families together. Her plan is to end family detention and close family detention centers. She said that she would reform a path to legitimate citizenship within the first 100 days of presidency. Hillary thinks that we are missing out on a lot of economic opportunities because of this issue. During the Las Vegas event Hillary said that she would support an immigration plan so that they can get hiding immigrants paying taxes and contributing to our nations prosperity.


Hillary stated that the US had the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression nearly a decade ago and because of that Americans feel that life isn't going to be better for their kids. Some people don't get paid enough. So Hillary wants to raise pay. She also wants to create good paying jobs and make sure that everyone has a spot in the economy so that it works for everyone. Like I said before, she wants equality. So what she will do is make sure that the wealthy pays their fair share for taxes. Hillary Clinton wants to also make sure there's a balance in family time and work as well.


Hillary said that the wealthy people pay too little in taxes and that the middle class needs more relief. She wants to make sure they do their fair share in taxes. She wants to fix that and close tax loopholes and make sure that millionaires and billionaires can't pay less than the middle class families. Hillary wants to give tax relief to the families that need help with college funds. Another issue is that many big companies like Burger King try to avoid paying taxes. They do this by trying to relocate to another country so that they wont have to pay taxes.

Climate Change

Climate change is real and It's a real threat to the environment and also animals. As president, Hillary would say no to drilling in the arctic. She would also stop tax giveaways for big gas and oil companies. Hillary wants to make investments in clean energy. She also wanted to change water systems for our environment to grow and be healthy. Last year shattered 2014's record to become the hottest year and you can now tell that out planet is heating up. The two party's are debating on if global warming is real or not should call for much debate during the presidential election.

Gun Violence

LOTS of people are killed because of gun violence each year. Hillary wants to put an end to all of this. Her plan is to take all the guns away from terrorists and also criminals. Hillary Clinton says that we should "do everything we can to make sure the irresponsible and the criminal and the mentally ill don't get guns." It has also been said that it is one of the leading causes of death for men of color. Before you are given a gun she wants to make sure they do a background check of you just to make sure they aren't giving it to the wrong person.


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