Points to note about toonblast hack

The most common problem faced by players in toon blast is Running out of Coins. Coins can be obtained from In-App purchases, but they are quite expensive.

The costliest coin package costs $25.00 which is quite a hefty amount compared to a mobile game. For this very reason there are increasing number of people looking for Toon Blast Cheats.

There are many websites which provide the cheat codes for the game, but the problem lies in determining which one works, which can only be done by testing them manually.

Things to note

One of the most useful websites is Prizerebel.com where one can sign up with primarily Facebook or google account. The points automatically start getting accumulated once the sign-in is complete.

Extra points can be earned by watching videos, downloading apps and completing surveys. Once, enough points are collected they can be used to redeem a gift card.

Once the gift card is bought, one can purchase the resources using the balance from the gift card.Another easy way to get free coins for the App is Coin Generator.

The latest version of Coin generator is V2.01.85, where one needs to enter the Username, Coins one needs, and the device or the platform one is using, and the target server. Once it is done, one can log in back to the game and check the coins accumulated.


Another popular website for obtaining unlimited coins in Toon blast would be toonblastcheat.fun. It is an easy 5 step process:

  • Choose the number of coins
  • Enter nickname
  • Choose the platform
  • Wait for the process to finish
  • Click on the ‘ verify human box.’
  • And it's done after this step one can go to the Toon blast app to check the number of coins accumulated.

Cheat engine

Cheat Engine APK for Toon blast on your Android set is a wonderful chatting tool from a highly trusted and secured source when it comes to memory editing tools. It is a very practical and functional tool to change the memory values in games with the potential for the use cheats tables.

It is able to circumvent a lot of manual value editing and scanning and getting you up to the level of your friends. The cheat engine and the APK version are just perfect and you need to try for toon blast. In some simple steps you can use APK cheat:

  • Get cheat Engine trainers working in single player games in a rooted device.

  • Install the cheat engine app in your device

  • Find the value in toon blast that you desire to exchange

  • Start cheat engine and select “Launch ceserver and connect locally”

  • Tap the CE icon as an overlay on your game

  • The cheat engine needs to be attached to the game and search the value that you want to hack

  • Pause your game and scan for the value you want to change.

  • Trough gameplay change the value until you are left with <10 values

  • Once you have narrowed down the potential values, add them to scan list change it and activate the checkbox next to them and you are done.