Steve Ells- Chipotle

By: Emma Pigott

Personal Characteristics

-Steve Ells is very creative. Chipotle was the first resteraunt of its kind (Mexican fast food). He wanted to come up with a healthier yet still quick fast food resteraunt.

-He is also determined. When he finished culinary school, Ells had a dream of starting a high-end resteraunt, but no money to do it. He put off his dream and started Chipotle to make money that would fund his future resteraunt.

-He is also confident and doesn't care what others think of his ideas. Everyone told him that going into the fast food business was a terrible idea but he had confidence in himself and his original idea.

Chipotle Quick Facts

-founded on July 13th, 1993

-first location opened in Denver, Colorado

-annual revenue: 826.9 MM

-McDonalds invested $360 million in Chipotle and allowed for the rapid expansion

Road to Success

I think Steve Ells is very successful because he came up with an original idea- something no one had ever thought of before (Mexican fast food). Despite many people telling him it was a bad idea to begin in the fast food business, he had confidence in his idea and was able to pursue his dreams. I think Chipotle is a success because it started with just one store and now has over 2,010 locations globally.