Uniforms for school

By cayden & connor


I wanted to say that i have been thinking if we have uniforms, then i want to tell you the good things and the bad things about having uniforms at school. I prefer to not have uniforms.

The bad things about uniforms

The bad things about having uniforms that it causes bullying to some girls and boys. To be able to have uniforms you have to pay money to buy the uniform, and the parents has to pay for them. Some of the kids would not want to come to school because of bullying. There would also be a higher suicidal rate.

The good things about uniforms

The good things about uniforms is it is respectful to nature. For some kids in the mornings it is difficult for them to pick out there clothes. Sometimes it makes kids work harder because it makes them feel like they're mature and like an adult.

Equality for the good and bad things.

It is equal to the bad things and the good things for having uniforms. There are many people fighting over this right now, even though people are fighting over this right now it is neither good nor bad to everyone and thing.

Preference over uniforms

I prefer to not have uniforms but its just an opinion for me. There are many good things and bad things about having uniforms. So i just wanted to tell you some things about not having uniforms and having uniforms.