Mrs. Wong's Weekly Newsletter

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We had a great week!

I am so proud of this class! They completed the second week of first grade and they are all doing amazing! I truly am impressed with how well they are picking up the routines and the increased work load in first grade. Each week will get a little bit more challenging for them so I am happy to see how well they have adapted so quickly.


This was our first week of homework. I just wanted to share some points with you.

1.Great job! Almost everyone did all their homework every day!

2.Please check both sides of the pages, often times there will be two sides to do.

3. If your child forgets to bring in their HW book, I have them write their homework on a piece of paper and put it in their homework folder.

4. The HW folder goes home everyday. Please check it and empty the "Leave at Home" side every night.

5. The copy center did not copy the poetry books correctly. You will need to look on the back side of the paper every Tuesday. Sorry!

6. Homework is an indicator on the reporting system. Please take it seriously. If your child misses 3 or more homework assignments a marking period, it will be reflected on their reports.

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