Dazzling Gems

March Madness Week 2


We booked 31 trunk shows as a team this week! And that is just from the gals who posted their results and participated in the challenge. Cheers to the 28 of you who had some fun - planted seeds - posted your goals - took action and moved your business forward this week! I know that you will keep following up with those girls who you left messages for - it's so important to TRACK your results so you know where you are in the "formula" and keep them in the loop with "polite persistence" (meaning - no stalking!).

Take some time to reflect

  • Did you have TEN conversations? Yes - then I bet you booked ONE! No - then keep on calling....you just haven't talked to enough girls yet
  • Did you set aside time to warm up the gals on your list and then follow up? Schedule this time with YOURSELF every week. Booking calls should be part of our weekly habits!
  • Did you feel so proud after you made those calls? Go ahead - give yourself a pat on the back! Y O U D I D I T and lived to tell! LOL. Bet you got in a groove and spoke with more confidence and ease the more calls you made. Like everything - it takes practice to channel the positivity of our "inner Jessica", to overcome objections with enthusiasm and energy with our "inner Danielle" and to keep things easy breezy yet eloquent through our "inner Blythe". Practice your "words to say" OUT LOUD....it always sounds better in our heads. Role play with your kids, your spouse, your pacing partner...
  • Did you have fun watching and MAKING the dancing videos? I love helping you girls get to know one another and having TONS OF FUN along the way, too

Some Sweet Rewards for one "lucky" participant this week...look for flash challenges, too!

THIS WEEK: BOOKING and "investing time in yourself"

Challenges now - Sunday at 11:59 PST

KEEP ON BOOKING Make a list of 10 girls and warm them up with a FB msg, text, or email. Call 2 or 3 a day - or schedule an HOUR to follow up with them on Thurs or Fri.

  • Post a list of the ten NEW girls you are going to individually warm up - 1 pt
  • Post your results (how many CONVERSATIONS you had and how many voice mails) - 2 points
  • Booked a March or April TS - post name and date and enter in system - 3 points
  • GOT A NO! List her name and REASON - 2 points


  • Envision what you will do with that $250 in commission you will get for each booking. Post a picture of what you will do with that $ - 2 pts
  • Listen to this call (or recording) Deep Dive Training Call w/Gina Bogda, "How I sponsored 8 Stylists in 6 Weeks"10amPT/12pmCT/1pmET 1-800-747-5150 Access: 6977091 and post your THREE top take-aways - 3 points
  • Listen to this call Life Coach Call w/Founder & CEO, Jessica Herrin on "Time Mastery"



    Access: No Access Code and post THREE things you are going to implement in your week to maximize your Stella & Dot hours and focus on HVAC - 3 points

Save the Date - Team Talk Tuesday!

Dazzling Gems Facebook Chat

Tuesday, March 18th from 9am - 10am EST


Can't make it - or too early for you west coasters? Post questions, ideas, or topics ahead of time and we will be sure to create a fabulous thread of inspiration and tips for ya!

Have a topic you want to make sure we cover....post those requests ahead of time, too!