The Fire Next Time

Sample Smore

Main Arguments

Here, describe 3-4 of Baldwin's main arguments he discusses throughout. These should be points he tried to make throughout the entire text. For example, his views on religion would more than likely be one. List them like this:

1) Religion: (describe the argument)

Media Connection

Find and add a video of content that connects to some aspect of what Baldwin wrote about. For example, you might find an interview, news story, song, movie clip, etc. that has a connection. Then, explain how it connects. I did an example for you:

One media connection is the clip from John Oliver's show, "Last Week Tonight." This clip connects to Baldwin's The Fire Next Time due to the discussion of corrupt churches and leaders taking advantage (especially monetarily) of their followers.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Televangelists (HBO)

Rhetorical Devices

Here, identify 3 rhetorical devices (3 different ones). List out the device, the passage in which it appears, and its overall impact.