You Must Buy the Mii Chip!

You know you want to....

What more could you possibley ask for?

Our smart chip is not only innovative and modern but it is also small and easy yo use! No longer will you have to carry around a bulky mp3 player/ Ipod and you can say goodbye to those pesky headphone that get tangled up and not to mention how they get in your way! Well you are in luck for Smart Chip Enterprises has invented this product just for you! We are an honest company and want you to be happy. That means we won't suck the life out of you and drain your wallet, like some companies that we will not mention!

Why You Want a Smart Chip!

They are for men too!

Not only are we concerned for the way that our device makes woman look. We want to make men you good too! Out Mii Chip is not only on the cutting age of science and technology but also fashion! You will never look drab with our Mii Chip in your ear!
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How does it work?

The Mii Chip works through thermal and neurotechnology. That means not only can the Mii Chip make everyday activities easier it can also read your mind and tap into your emotions. So instead of having to mess around with a tacky touch screen all you need to do is think of a song that is on your play list and it will play! Also the amazing Mii Chip is also water proof so you swimmers can listen to music while swimming!