Roald Dahl


Early life

Roald Dahl was born September 13th,1916. After his father and sister died in 1920, he left for wales a year later. In 1939 Dahl joined the royal air force. After serving he returned to britain in 1941. Two years later, he began to work on Gremlins. In 1946 he finally published his first short story.
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His famous books


The witches



Fantastic Mr. Fox

James and the giant peach

The Twits

Mischief and mayhem

Charlie and the Chocolate factory

Why He Became A Writer

In most of Dahl's books his antagonists are mean old ladies. These mean old ladies were part of his childhood. He took those mean old ladies and with a little creativity, made them into stories. Most of these stories, no matter how fake they seem, were a part of dahl's childhood thoughts.

Later Life

In 1951 Dahl meets his future wife, Patricia Neal. He then marries her in 1963. They have a daughter, Olivia. In 1961 he has a son named Theo. That same year he writes his first famous children's book James in the Giant Peach. Unfortunately his daughter passed away in late 1962. In 1971 his book Carlie and the Chocolate Factory becomes a movie. In 1990 the movie The witches was filmed, This was the same year that Roald Dahl died at the age of 74. His legacy lives on as many books were published after his death. Two were even made into movies. On september 31st of 2006 was the first Roald Dahl day.
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