The Butterfly Fish

Let me introduce myself!

Let Me Introduce Myself!

Hi, my name is Mariposa (it means butterfly in Spanish)! I want to tell you all about me and my species! Where do I start?
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Where do I live?

My ancestors originate from Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans but I just love to live in salty tropical reefs.

Searching for "Mr. Right"!

I love traveling in my small schools but someday I hope to find a mate and start a family! I will probably have 200 babies (I know that sounds crazy), but what can I say? We usually live for 8-10 years so we have to keep repopulating!

Do these scales make me look fat?

You can tell my species by our long nose and bright beautiful colors! We have very decorative patterns with backgrounds of yellow, red or orange. I'm about 1 inches long (Mama says I've grown)! We also have a dark band around our eyes to go along with of beautiful bodies! Am I being to modest?
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I am an Omniovre (which means I eat meat and plants) love Coral and Crusteaceans but my favorite is plankton! Plankton are very very tiny and perfect for me!
Copperband Butterfly fish eating

Circle of Life???

I love to swim in my salty tropical water, but sometimes its not always safe! Fish like snappers, eels and sharks try to eat us since we're so small! But guess what? We have some tricks up our gills! If they try to attack us, we go into dark crevices and use our colors to blend into the reef background! That'll show 'em! We have to really protect ourselves since we are an endangered species!
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I am in Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordata, Class Actinopterygii, Order Perciformes and Family Chaetodontidae. Do you know the Marine Angelfish? Well i'm really closely related to them! We have the same colors but they're just a little bit bigger than us! Still can't tell the difference? They have dark spots on their bodies and and our mouth is just a tad bit more pointy!
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Did You Know?

The fish, Tad, in Finding Nemo is a Butterfly fish!

There are 114 species of butterfly fish (that's a lot)!

We like to go into dark reeks and blend in at night to protect ourselves!