The Elements of an Epic

By: Ali Nance

A hero is the center of the plot

Everything in the story is built around or involves Odysseus. Odyssey, son of Laertes, is the hero in Homer's The Odyssey.
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Superhuman characteristics

One of the superhuman characteristics might be how Odysseus fought off the cyclops by himself. Another thing that is related is how the strength of the normal men could not compare to the strength of Odysseus when it came to stringing the bow. It almost made him seem superhuman.
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Vast setting

The epic takes place in different cities. The main two cities are Troy and Ithaca. With these two being the main locations, the story shows a wide range of setting.
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Supernatural forces

The cyclops lived through being stabbed in his single eye. He figures out that he can use his father Poseidon to hurt Odysseus on his trip home because he has to travel by sea. Saying as if Poseidon is the god of the sea, I think that gave Odysseus quite a struggle on the voyage. In the case, Poseidon is the supernatural force of this epic.
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Sustained style

Sometime in the epic, Zeus and Athena have a conversation that is not boring. Even if the topic is boring, the way they speak gives their conversation profundity.
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The Hero's Journey

Call to adventure: the Trojan War

Supernatural aid: Zeus and Athena

Threshold Guardian: Telemachus

Threshold: Ithaca, home of Odysseus

Mentor or helper: Athena

Challenges and temptations: the cyclops and sirens

Transformation: Odysseus is emotional when he returns home to see his dog, his son, and his wife.

Atonement: He tries to makes up for the time he has missed in his wife ans son's life.

Return: Odysseus is home.

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