Sexual Dysfunction:

Female Orgasmic Disorder


If it were not for Alfred Kinsey, there would not be much known at all about sex, and also the information on orgasms in females in particular. He even had published a book called Sexual Behaviors in the Human Female in 1953 (Soylent Communications, 2012).
He was the one who discovered that females could have multiple orgasms (King, 2012, pp. 22). If it were not for him, it probably would not have been discovered or thought of that it is not natural or normal for females to not have orgasms, or experience sexual pain.

What is It?

Female Orgasmic Disorder is defined as "the persistent or recurrent difficulty, delay in, or absence of attaining orgasm following sufficient sexual stimulation and arousal, which causes personal distress" (King, 2012, pp. 339). According to abnormal psychology, this disorder is describes the women with this problem to "experience markedly reduced intensity of orgasms, or delay or absence of orgasm, after having reached the excitement phase of the sexual response cycle in at least 75 percent of sexual encounters" (Nolen-Hoeksema 2014, pp. 368). In the following definition, it does not even mention the distress that the person may be experiencing due to this disorder.


The causes for this for this problem can be due to various things. One in which is due to a religious upbringing that may have caused trauma to the individual by telling them that it is bad to enjoy sex. Another is do to a lack of foreplay to help stimulate the female so that she is ready to enjoy sex. Then there is performance anxiety for the women in which she feels she has to please her man and does not focus on her own enjoyment. A final one is that she may not be having her emotional needs met in the relationship (King, 2012, pp. 339-341).

Treatment Options

There are various forms of treatment options in order to help someone over come this issue. There are masturbation therapies for those who are having issues with foreplay or negative feelings about sex. Talking with your partner about these issues and seeking help from a sex therapist will help the most. In getting treatment for this problem, it can help the relationship of the person and their partner in order to relieve the tension and stress that Female Orgasmic Disorder can put on the relationship (King, 2012, pp. 339-341).


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