Ireland's incredible diner

Not fast food good food fast

Hamburgers- $2.50 Fries- $1 for small- $2 for medium- $3 for large- Pies- $3- Shakes/ icecream- $1.50- for small- $2 for medium- $2.50 for large- Chicken- $3- Drinks/Sodas- $1 for a small- $1.50 for a medium- $2 for large- cold sandwiches- $3

The hamburgers- juicy meat, crisp lettuce, burger right off the grill hot, ripe and ready tomatoes, melted hand made cheese, crisp crunchy bacon. Our sodas- sweet handmade old fashioned drinks. Our chicken- Boneless crunchy tender chicken made right from here to our ovens, it smells like it was just brought out of the oven and our chicken is 100% white meat with a juicy flavor. Our ice cream and shakes come in many flavors and are thick and rich in taste they are hand made by our workers hands the day they are served to you. The pie- The pie has fresh picked fruit and crisp dough we put the perfect amount of sugar in but you can still taste the oven baked sweetness of the fruit. We sell the best fries in town the fries are salty and soft, were're putting the fries in the oven right when you order them. Our cold sandwiches have our secret sauce, our fresh delicious meat, and our fresh smooth cheese