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PAPER & PENCIL April 25, 2016 – May 27, 2016


ONLINE April 25, 2016 – June 6, 2016

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Digital Content and Databases

When you click on the orange question mark above each icon, you will find the direct linking directions AND the Lexile level for the site.

Click here for a summary sheet.

America the Beautiful:

  • database that supports Social Studies and focuses on the United States
  • can click into different states to learn more about it
  • famous Americans are also represented (biographies!)

BrainPop and BrainPop Jr.

  • Mapping feature in BrainPop

Culture Gram:

  • Kids Edition;
  • added infographics for fast information about the country
  • listen icon so students can have access to the read aloud feature
  • Interviews with people from different countries

Discovery Ed:

  • Streaming Plus: choose videos
  • Direct link to lesson tiles by clicking on- ...- click 'Share'- copy Link - paste into Lesson Tiles
  • Virtual Labs for Science

NBC Learn

  • Collections of non-fiction topics K-5 resrouces
  • Transcripts appear next to the video (think different learning styles)
  • Discussion activities (collaboration activities after watching videos)


  • Filter and narrow by grade, subject, media type to find content for a specific topic or keyword
  • It will open in a NetTrekker frame

Safari Montage

  • Videos now have direct QR codes to videos or segments

SIRS Discover

  • Non-fiction books students can scroll through

World Book Kids

  • Will translate text into many, many languages

Recruiting for Class Flow

Who would like to test out Classflow?

I would LOVE a group of 3 or 4 teachers would like to get familiar with Classflow. I'm just still learning it myself, but if we form a PLC we can learn more together and integrate it into lessons.

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Symbaloo for Research Projects

My fellow STAT Teacher, Kellie Price, has created Symbaloos for grade levels doing research in different content areas. Here are two examples:

Example 1

Example 2

If your class will be doing research (biographies, countries etc), let me know how I can help create a Symbaloo with links to different resources.

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Have you heard of EdCAMP?


EdCamp is an unconference; where sessions on educational topics are developed by the participants the day of the event. EdCampBCPS is a voluntary, organic, participant-driven professional learning experience. Check out the attachments for more information and for registration information.

Not Your Normal PD


Kudos to all for creating some wonderful crafts during our faculty meeting. We have some very creative teachers in our building!

Enoy your Spring Break!