Secondary Update

Monday 22 September 2014

Thank you... everyone who has started sports teams and CCAs this term. A big commitment from us all at some stage throughout the year and such an important part of our programme. Big thanks to Lawrence and Margaret who facilitate all of this for us.

University Fair

A big week for Susie, Amanda and Madeleine, hosting an event on this scale at our place. Thanks also Anson, Daniel, Tania, Cheryl and David whose rooms are disrupted by this event and to Pat, Don, Michael and the Peters for their work in preparation and tidy up.

Who do you know? Who don't you know?....

Music lessons

Can we ALL please be understanding of the Peripatetic Music Programme. Students will ask to be released from your classes from time to time for lessons. They try and rotate the lessons affected but it is dependent on how many stds are taking a particular instrument and availability of tutors. Parents understand the potential impact, however if you believe it is having an unduly negative effect on any aspects of class, then please have a discussion with the appropriate Dean. Thanks in advance.

Day Zero - Tuesday 29 September

A draft is with Deans and HODs now. I will make changes by Wednesday lunch at which stage I will let all staff know.

Have a GREAT day and week, everyone....