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1st-5th graders wrapped-up MAP testing in reading this week. Next week they delve into the language subtest while Kindergarteners have their very first MAP experience in the area of reading.

Keowee will be holding a Mock Presidential Election on Friday, November 4. Last week, 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders received a Voter Registration Form to complete. All forms are due today. Filling out a form is an authentic real-life exercise that all students need to learn--it's alarming that there are 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders that still do not know their address.

Each student that returns a completed registration form, will be issued an official Keowee Voter Registration Card. The student will be responsible for keeping up with his/her card, and will be required to present it at the “polling location” on the day of the election. Replacement cards can be requested up to one week prior to “election day,” (no later than Friday, October 28) for a fee of 5 CUB Tickets. Voting will be done in an electronic format to best simulate real-life voting, and all voters will receive an “I Voted” sticker to proudly wear. All staff members will also be allowed to vote by presenting their REAL voter registration card. I hope you will make plans to participate in this unique event--start looking for your registration card now! LOL

Thanks to everyone for participating in today's school-wide tailgate party in anticipation of WALHALLA UNITED NIGHT tonight @ WHS. The Razorbacks will be playing host to the Cardinals of Landrum HS, and ALL area students received a ticket for FREE entrance into the game! Kick-off begins at 7:30, but each Walhalla United School will have it's own area for a pre-game gathering so come early. The WU-area principals will also be going head-to-head in a cook-off! GO, HOLLIDAY, GO! This event is a wonderful opportunity to build community and unity in our area.

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A Sneak Peek Around Keowee

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"Super Human" by Jon Gordon

I subscribe to a weekly newsletter by author and motivational speaker, Jon Gordon. Jon shares, "Positive Strategies to Fuel Your Life and Career." I am sharing this week's message below--it fits perfectly with our Superhero theme, but more importantly, it fits perfectly with who we are as teachers, parents, spouses, friends, colleagues, etc. Hope you enjoy this message as much as I did!

When Superman took off his Superman outfit who was he? When I ask audiences this question most people say Clark Kent but the answer is, he was still Superman. It didn’t matter what clothes he was wearing. He was still Superman on the inside. His strength came not from the uniform he wore but from the power within.

The same goes for you and me.

Your power does not come from your job, uniform, career, status, circumstance, fame or label people give you. Your power comes from your heart, soul, spirit, passion and love that exists inside you and you are more powerful than you think.

You are not just human. You are super human.

If you don’t feel powerful it’s because you have come to believe the illusion and lie that outside circumstances have power over you. You have forgotten the truth that you create your world from the inside-out.

You don't realize the power you possess. It’s as if you have been given the power of superman or wonderwoman but are living the life of Clark Kent or Diana Prince instead.

But deep down you know the truth. It’s why these words resonate with you. It’s why so many love super hero movies. You know you were made for more and there is more within you.

You have been given super human power and you are meant to use it. Not just to create your life but also to help others.

Like all super heroes you have been given the greatest power in the universe. The power to make a difference in the life of another human being. You were made with a super power to empower others.

You don't need a special suit, a title or a super hero name. You just need to tap into the love, spirit, passion, soul and purpose inside you to create your life and a better world today.

No cape required!

PBIS Reminder...

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John Collins FCAs for September

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September 12-October 7: MAP Testing

Tuesday, September 27: FEMA Drill

Wednesday, September 28: PBIS Kiosk (3rd, 4th, 5th grades ONLY) 11:25-1:25

Friday, September 30: PBIS Celebration "Extra Recess"

September 30-October 6: Fall Book Fair

Monday, October 10: School Picture Day (schedule TBA)