R.E.A.D. (Read Eat and Discuss)


It is the mission of R.E.A.D. to provide book lovers with a chance to hear about books they might never had heard of otherwise, from people who have actually read it. Our friendly staff will help start conversation over a provided dinner.


R.E.A.D. is a book club that allows you to meet new people who may share interests with you and discuss different things you have read in a group. There is no specific list to read from, you can read a regular printed book or an e-book. Each meeting will take place in a building owned by the company, so you don’t have to worry about going to a stranger’s home or just meeting online. There is also an employee there to help keep the conversation going. At the meetings dinner is provided. There are meetings twice a week, and you can choose to only go on some days and not the others or go to all the available meetings. Each meeting you attend costs $23.


Anyone, young adult or adult in the Quad City area, who loves to read and share about what they love to read. Customers will have many different books recommended to them, and they will recommend things to other customers. Then later customers who are continuously coming can become facilitators of their own R.E.A.D. meetings, which then they can keep part of the money made at their meetings.


There are many advantages R.E.A.D. has over its competitors. Including, there is no specific list, you don’t have to worry about meeting at a stranger’s house, and you can meet new people in person rather than just online. When there is a specific list to what you have to read there will always be at least one thing you just don’t want to read, or you’re just not interested in. Each meeting is in a company owned building, so you can still meet new people in person and not have to worry about where you will be meeting.


The culture of the business is casual to encourage comfort and productivity and a kind and caring attitude showed by doing things like sending cards to employees on their birthdays.


To make a profit of 20% and cover everything else there would have to be around $3000 in sales per month, based on actually looking at buildings for rent in the Quad Cities area. Every week we should make around $700 and if there are two meetings a week, each meeting has to make around $350 and if fifteen people go each meeting the price has to be around $23.