Welcome to Mt. Capulin, New Mexico

By: Hameeda Alhalemi

Come and have fun. Sit down and watch Mt. Capulin Erupt. Enjoy.

Welcome to Mt. Capulin. Mt. Capulin last erupted 56000 years ago ( August 9th 1916 ). Mt Capulin covers 1.2 square miles 3.1 square km. Mt. Capulin became active about 62,000 years ago. Mt. Capulin is 8,182 feet and 2,494 metres above sea level and rises more than 1,300 feet and 400 metres above the surrounding grass-covered plains. Mt. Capulin's base is surrounded by lava flows. Mt. Capulin's has a big spiral road, and there are hiking trails inside the rim.

See Mt. Capulin ERUPT!!!!!!

Wednesday, Aug. 9th 1916 at 12am

New Mexico northeastern part

Welcome to Mt. Capulin. This mountain last erupted on August 9th 1916. Mt. Capulin is located in the NorthEastern part of New Mexico

Get a tour of the beautiful Mt. Capulin.

Now after the Eruption and the lava cools down and hardens take a tour of the Mt. Capulin or if you dont want to pay for a tour of Mt. Capulin take your own care and check it out your self. stop going on google earth to look at Mt. Capulin your self in person the beautiful land of one eruped over 1,000 years ago. It cover 1.2 square miles (3.1 square km), contains the cinder cone of Capulin Mountain.