By: Tahmel,Joseph,luis

What do panda's eat and how much do they weigh?

They eat bamboo (99%) and carrots.They weigh around 150lb to 280lb.

How old are pandas?

20 years old. The oldest panda was 37 years old

Where do panda's live?

Live I few mountain ranges in central China.

What is a panda's life cycle?

New born:0-4 months)(Cub hood:4-24 months)(Independence:1.5-2 years)(Maturity:4-6years
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How long do panda's live to be?

They live to be 20 years in wild life.

What is a panda's culture?

Panda's in Chinese culture symbolizes peace and friend ship.

Why cant panda's hibernate?

panda's don't hibernate because they can resist the cold and don't like to sleep.

How old was the oldest panda?

The oldest panda was 37 years old

How many panda's are there in the world and how many are left

There are up 1600 to 3000 left and in the world

Fun Facts

Panda's have lived on earth for 2000000,3000000 years

An adult panda weights about 200-300lbs