Simon Birch

By: Lexi Isaacson


Cherish life and don't rush through it because its over before you know it.

  • Simon doesn't know how much longer he will be living, but he is trying to make the best of it. He knows that he is different from all of the other kids, and he's still very happy because he wants to make the most out of life.

Simon's Character

Physical Characteristics:
  • short
  • glasses
  • blondish hair
  • people make fun of the way he looks

Emotional Characteristics:

  • He thinks Joe's mom is pretty.
  • other people bully him


  • Joe is Simon's best friend
  • Says what he feels
  • Doesn't care what anyone else thinks
  • killed Joe's mom

  • Simon starts out generally happy, but ends up sad because Joe's mom died
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Big Events

1. I was up to bat, and coach finally told me to swing! As i was standing at home plate waiting for the pitch, Joe's mom started to make her way too the field. I swung at the pitch and the foul ball is sailing through the air and it hits her in the head and she falls to the ground. i cant believe what i did, I killed the person i cared about most.

2. During the play, i had to be baby Jesus because i was the only one that was small enough to fit in the manger. Also, the angel fell from the ceiling and was swaying back and forth. The whole play was a mess! I accidentally acted up during the play and caused myself to get kicked out of my school and out of the winter retreat. I'm going to miss Joe while he is at the retreat.

3. I'm starting to get very sick ever since the accident. I woke up on the hospital, and I know that i am going to die. I guess i don't really care though because i saved so many other children that were younger than me. Maybe this really was gods plan for me. This is what god used me for, to save other peoples lives over my own because i care so much about other people.

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