Proposal for Next School Year

Room Change, Parent Involvement, Flexible Seating

I am asking three things:

1. To change to a classroom with a mimeo.

2. To allow more parents in the classroom.

3. To have a modern learning environment.

Classroom Change

Classroom Change

I would like to move to a classroom that has a mimeo. One benefit of the Mimeo is that it is portable. As a HELM Teacher, I am hoping to be able to use the Mimeo in more places than the classroom. In 2nd grade that would be room 205.

Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement

I would like to try to have a "Parents Night" each week. Once a week from after school, 3:30, to about 6:00.

During this Parents Night parents will be able to:

  • Work with their students on homework
  • Ask me questions about what we are learning
  • Show the parents how it's being taught
  • Read with the students
  • Take AR tests
  • Help me gather/sort materials

Why after school?

  • Holding is after school means that we do not have to have a background check on every parent that wishes to take part of this.
  • I am expecting more parent involvement in the classroom and school by holding this after work hours.

Problems that I foresee and do not have a solution for:

  • Parents coming in after Mrs. Munoz has left for the day.
  • Parents of other classes wanting their class to do this. (Maybe other teachers will want to do this once they see how well it works!)

Starting off:

  • Maybe start off once every 2 or 3 weeks.
  • Increase frequency as the school year progresses.

Side note: I want to hold the meetings on the same night as Booster Club meetings so that more parents will also be involved with the Booster Club. The night may change each semester based on what night I have classes for the Leadership Partnership Masters with SHSU.

Flexible Seating

Flexible Seating

Flexible Seating is an assest for a student centered classroom. It instills the sense of a workspace that works best for each student AND a sense of creativity and collaboration. My vision with flexible seating is that students are comfortable to be themselves, to know that it is okay to find what works for them, and for them to know it is okay to be different from others. I believe that Flexible Seating aligns with HELM Teaching and what's best for students.

What I am asking for with Flexible Seating:

  • To take some of the desks and chairs out of the classroom.
  • Put a couple of the tables from the sunshine room in the classroom.
  • (Maybe just switch the furniture.)
  • Expect students to be in different places of the classroom, and learning the way

    that is best for them.

How will this benefit the students:

  • Problem Solving- they will have to analyze, determine and evaluate what works best for them. They will be able to explain why they chose their seat.
  • Allows students to be more active. Some students need to be able to move in their workspace in order to reduce impulstiviaty.
  • Students are less distracted by the movement of others.
  • Giving students the ownership and responsibility of having the classroom as a workspace with community supplies, community learning, and community respect for each others supplies and learning.

What will is cost:

  • For the school/district- nothing.
  • I have pillows, 5-gallon buckets, and a futon already.
  • Donations from family and friends (with thank you notes from the class)
  • for stability balls, stools, rugs, and standing areas.

Managing Seating:

  • Through seating rules
  • Student, Parent, Teacher Contract
  • Reflection Spot/Cool Down Spot/Safe Place

Flexible Seating Links- A little bit of Research

I look forward to hearing your response, thoughts, concerns, and questions. Thank you for your time!