Use Of computers In Class

Computers and electronics devices are used in my high school

The Overhead Projector In Class

The overhead projector is one of the most useful items in class , you can show images of anywhere or anything with internet. Also you can use Power Point slides to substitute the books. In our high school in some subjects we don't use books because the teacher makes a Power Point and explains with that. We do that in Maths and Science.

Moodle , Internet page where teacher and student get in touch.

Moodle is a Internet page where teachers can upload notes , exercises , and presentations . The students can download all this and use them to study and learn. The teacher can upload the presentation (Power Point , Prezi etc..) and we can download it , so we don't need any books.

Yedra Plataform

This is how in our high school we do an attendance list check and how the teachers and parents can get in touch. Also the parents can control their offspring. They can see if they have miss any class or if the teacher has anything to say about them. It´s a great idea to make communication easier.

Students use of computers

We have classes with computers to learn to use computers and learn to use programs like Prezi or Gimp. But we don't only use computers in our computers class we use them in other subjects , like economy or other ones . We usually make presentations , and we present them in class . The presentations we made are done in all the classes.

Extra curriculum activities

In technology and Computers Sciences we usually make robotic projects . The best projects of our high school compete with others projects of other high schools. The event is call Cantabrobots, Its really fun!

We can also do cool videos to show you our Highschool

Ies Valentin Turienzo. Cantabria , Spain

Made by: Alberto Ahumada.