Type Without Using a Keyboard

What is Digital Access?

Digital Access is the groundwork of Digital Citizenship. In order to become productive digital citizens, everyone should have fair and equal access to technology. This pertains to all individuals no matter who they are including, race, gender, ethnicity, social-class, disabilities, etc.

What is On-Screen Keyboard?

The On-Screen Keyboard displays a keyboard on the screen that has all of the standard keys. Instead of having and using a physical keyboard to type and enter information, users can utilize On-Screen Keyboard to strike keys using a mouse or another pointing device.

On-Screen Keyboard from Windows can be reconfigured, resized, and customized to make it easier to see and use. On-Screen Keyboard also includes text prediction capabilities in eight different languages. When text prediction is enabled, as you type, On-Screen Keyboard displays a list of words that you might be typing.

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On-Screen Keyboard use in the classroom

On-Screen Keyboards make it easier for children and adults with special needs to type on a keyboard and navigate online. These computer aids are designed to help individuals overcome vision or physical dexterity issues and use a computer with greater ease and control.
Windows 7 On Screen Keyboard