Green Revolution

The best thing since the Industrial Revolution!

What is the Green Revolution?

Simply put, the Green Revolution, also known as the Third Agricultural Revolution, was the rapid diffusion of agricultural technology across the world. In Less Developed Countries, the Green Revolution was extremely helpful in their road to development, and gave them an opportunity to participate in the global economy. Part of the process included better fertilizers being introduced, genetic manipulation of seeds for better and high yield.

In India, the Green Revolution ended the Bengal Famine, in which 4 million people died, and significantly boosted India in its participation in the global market, making it a country of much more export.


  • Feeds more people
  • Makes agriculture more affordable
  • Creates jobs
  • Makes crops tastier
  • Makes crops more nutritious
  • Can replant the same crops without having to leave a space of land fallow before using it again
  • Food can be changed to adapt to various situations