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News for the week of April 4, 2016

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3rd Quarter Reading Challenge results

Thanks to the 200 students and staff members who participated in our 3rd Quarter Reading Challenge. We read just over 260,000 pages during the 3rd quarter!

The totals for each grade level are:

  • Kindergarten - 24,549 pages
  • 1st grade - 36,401 pages
  • 2nd grade - 43,029 pages
  • 3rd grade - 37,198 pages
  • 4th grade - 43,591 pages
  • 5th grade - 44,882 pages
  • Faculty/staff - 33,666 pages

The top readers for each grade level are:

  • Kindergarten - Audrey Kalk - 4,969 pages
  • 1st grade - Oscar DeJong - 5,281 pages
  • 2nd grade - Peyton Curesky - 5,343 pages
  • 3rd grade - Savannah Pascoe - 5,160 pages
  • 4th grade - Najibah Alam - 9,163 pages
  • 5th grade - Madi Broome - 3,720 pages
  • Faculty/staff - Ms. Knight - 9,798 pages

All participants have been recognized on a poster outside of the library, and grade level winners received a special prize.

The 4th Quarter Reading Challenge is on!

All Fork Shoals students have received their reading logs for the 4th quarter. Students should read as many pages as possible between now and May 20th. Reading logs MUST be turned in no later than Wednesday, May 25th. We’ll have prizes for those who read the most in each grade level, and every participant will receive recognition.

List books (with page numbers) as you complete them. Add your total number of pages read during the 2nd quarter. Please print clearly and total your pages at the end. If you need extra reading logs, click here.
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Book of the Week: Carnivores

Carnivores, written by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Dan Santat, was a nominee for the 2015-2016 South Carolina Picture Book Award.

It's not easy being at the top of the food chain. Lions, sharks, and wolves may seem like ferocious carnivores, but they have feelings, too. They want to be liked by their neighbors, but it's hard to make friends when their neighbors are so delicious.

In an effort to curb their carnivorous ways, the lion, shark, and wolf decide to become vegetarians...but that doesn't work out so well. Then, they come up with a plan to disguise themselves in an effort to fit in...but that doesn't end well, either. What's a lonely carnivore to do?

Sometimes, all a lonely animal can do is embrace what makes them who they are...and find a few friends just like them.

Carnivores would be a great addition to elementary studies of animals. It's a fun book about carnivores, and it could inspire some young readers to write their own books about animals' eating habits. The pictures in Carnivores are hilarious, the narrative is equally funny, and these two elements combine to create a laugh-out-loud experience that readers of all ages will enjoy.

FYI, any readers who liked the sharks in Finding Nemo will be delighted by Carnivores.

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Fork Shoals School Library

Ms. Kelly L. Knight, Librarian

Mrs. Allison Meredith, Library Clerk

Dates to Remember:

  • April 7 - Fork Shoals School Historical Marker Dedication, 9am
  • April 10-15 - National Library Week
  • April 11 - SIC meeting, 7:30am; Greenville Drive celebration game
  • April 12 - Chick-fil-A Night
  • April 14 - Magnificent Moms Breakfast
  • April 15 - Spirit Day
  • April 20 - Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

Spring Spectacular

We are looking forward to the Spring Spectacular on Friday, April 29th, from 4-8pm. Watch class folders, emails, the school website, and the school Facebook page for details. Volunteers are needed for each of the games. Sign up for a time using Sign Up Genius. The Sign Up Genius is also on our website. It will be a fun time for all!