Cell Phone History

By Sabrina Venhorst

Cell phones in 2000

Sharp was first to the camera phone market with their J-Phone, released by J-Mobile in Japan. It offered a 0.1 megapixel resolution

Cell phones in 2002

Kinda like the J-Phone, the Sanyo 5300 from Sprint was the first camera phone sold in North America.

RIM's BlackBerry 5810 wasn't the first BlackBerry device, but it was the first to incorporate a mobile phone into their popular brand of data-only devices.

Cell phones in 2004

The next highly popular device was a camera phone called the Motorola RAZR. It helped give cell phones a new look.

Cell phones in 2005

The first "palm" smartphone to operate outside of the Palm was the Treo 700w, powered by Windows Mobile. It was a great way for users who needed access to Microsoft software on the go.

Cell phones in 2007

In 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the Apple iPhone, a revolutionary touchscreen smartphone. It wasn't the first smartphone, but it was the first to get the user to interact with 3G, eventually adapting 3G technology

Cell phones in 2008

The first smartphone to run Google's Android OS was the HTC Dream slider smartphone. It featured a QWERTY keyboard, full HTML web browser, Gmail, YouTube and more, and paved the way for phones like the Nexus One and Motorola DROID.

Cell phones in 2009

LG Arena, was the first phone with the rotation of the phone and allows you to scroll film-reel style through available apps.

Released in February 2009, the Curve features an improved trackball and a higher resolution screen. Still a 2G.