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Jaynani Ganathipan

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Who am I?

My birthday: January 29, 2001

Favorite Tv shows : Pretty Little Liars, Once Upon A time, Teen Wolf, Scream

Favorite colour: Blue

Hobbies: Dance, and sports

Favorite food: McDonalds salad

Favorite Store: Adidas, Vans, Nike, Tommy, Ardene

Favorite Celeb: Tyler Blackburn

Biggest Fear: Ghost

Dream Vacation: Hawaii

Learning Styles: Kinestatic

Favourite Subject and Least Favorite: English and least favorite Math

My Favourite things.

My three favorite things in my life are basketball, Netflix, and my family.
Basketball because I have always enjoyed that sport, whenever I play it brings happiness to me and it's just a really fun sport to play. Netflix because when your just really you can just sit down , and watch a movie or a television show. Family because when i am with my family I am always having a good time. Either it's at a a party, camping, or at the beach there's always a party everywhere when my whole family is with me.

Leadership Styles

I think I am a Joiner and a Consultant. I am a joiner because I don't really like to be called a leader I just want to me a member and be called that. I feel that if your a leader all the responsibility is on the leader. Consultant because I like to do work in groups. Being a consultant is good because this person gets involved in class decisions and is always helping out everyone.

Role Model

My role model is my uncle. He has always been there for me when I need help his help and hes smart, and very hardworking. He taught me how to never give up and always follow my decisions for what i want to become. My uncle helps me make choices for what i want to do for when I grow up. He has told me to become a accountant or anything in the business area but he would always want me to choose a fun course every semester so i can have that one period to enjoy. I look up to him and I think I always will.

My future.

My future plans are most likely going towards the Business or Police area maybe. These two things interest me because i find police officer a cool job and everyone in my family is somewhere in the business area so i was just thinking maybe i will go into business. I plan to get there by taking courses in highschool for it and then maybe going into a university that mostly support those two areas. For business York is a good university.
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Family Symbols

My family symbols represent what we like to do in my family we go to the beach a lot, we travel, we party, , we love to dance, we camp, and we love our religion.
Sauble beach: This symbol just reminds me of us going to the beach all the time and just having fun. When we go to the beach I always have good memories of us swimming or even building sand castles as a family.
Camping: Our family loves to camp. We go every year about 2 times and we go with like 5 families we also do fun things like card games, tag, hide and seek, volleyball and many more. Camping always been our family tradition because we enjoy it more than staying inside a watching movies all day.
Airplane: Our family loves to do lots of traveling, my dad wants to take us to a lot of place before we go to university. We have been to Florida (disneyworld), cuba and soon Dominican.
Cultural sign: This sign just means "Om" a Hindu prayer. I put this symbol just to represent our culture.
Dancing: My family has the best dancers we always have a fun time dancing at parties. There's not a party where nobody dances because everyone is dancing.
Party: Speaking of dancing. Our parties are the funniest thing. We have all different types of parties Christmas, New years, Pool Party, BBQ party, Birthday parties, etc. There's never a party without no one having fun. From little kids, to teens, to adults, to seniors everyone is always having a blast. That's why i used this as representing my family.

John Holland Career Cluster

My top 3 themes were Social, Enterprising, Realistic.

For social i got

- Police

- Real Estate

- Hospital Administrator

Learning Styles

Kinesthetic- 36%

A Kinesthetic learner is a learner that learns better by touching and doing. This learner is active, and makes gestures while speaking. The learner is hands-on experiences.

Auditory- 29%

An auditory learner means you learn better by hearing and listening.Often talk to yourself when studying or listening to audio books.

Visual- 35%

An visual learner learns by looking and seeing. Learner often takes detailed notes, close their eyes when visualizing. Use a lot of colour in presentations.

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