Jacqueline Auriol

Amber North 3rd period Honors Aerospace & Egineering

The Beginning

She was born November 5, 1917 in western France. She was the daughter of a wealthy shipbuilder. Soon after she graduated college at University of Nantes Jacqueline married Paul Auriol who actually became the president of France during World War 2. After being interested in flying for over a year she got her license in 1948. Sadly only a year later she was severely injured, especially to the face in a plan crash and had to take a 3 year hiatus in and out of the hospital.

Her Fame

She became the world's first woman test pilot in 1950 and from there began making history. On 22 June 1962, Jacqueline Auriol set another world speed record at Istres, France; this being her 5th one! She also broke the men's record in 1959. Early in her career she had a friendly rivalry with Jacqueline Cochran, they fought for the title of the 'Fastest Woman' until finally Aurial won. When her respect was earn she had the privilege to be one of the first to fly the supersonic Concorde. Among a slew of awards she was a 3 time winner of the Harmon International Trophies, along with several honorable mentions and prestigious awards.

Fun Facts

  • She originally studied art in college
  • She was the mother of 2 sons
  • Earned her helicopter rating in only 4 weeks
  • Gained her military license in 1950
  • She was one of the first women to break the sound barrier
  • She has a memoir called 'I Live To Fly'
  • She passed away February 12, 2000
Jacqueline Auriol and record on its Mirage IIIC