Weekly Notes

December 6-12

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Focus of the Week: Thankfulness

Monday, December 7

IEP (Anthony, Giroux, Maurus) @8:15AM

Maurus- teaching lesson @ 9:40 (J. Paulisin)

MET/IEP (Anthony, Jocis, Karr, Maurus) @ 2PM

Tuesday, December 8

Maurus (possibly) at CPR/First Aid Training @ Vandy

Santa Shop!

Carver/Maurus Meeting @ 9:30

Lunch from GLP and Associates (they are here to talk educator financial planning and will have lunch for us)

Staff Meeting 4-5:30PM

Skate Night @ Riverside 6PM

Wednesday, December 9

Santa Shop!

Maurus @ Admin Meeting- Brundage in

FBA (Anthony, Compton, Giroux, Kopy) @ 10:30AM

Santa Shop Cookie Night @ 6:30

Thursday, December 10

Santa Shop!

Carver @ Baldridge Meeting

REED Meeting (Anthony, Middleton, Maurus) @ 3:30PM

Friday, December 11

Data Meetings (see more info below)

Mismatch Day ($0.50 per student)

Leslie Love Tour (she is coming to see what Jefferson is all about- make sure to thank her when you see her for the extra Chromecart we will be getting from her efforts!)

Christmas Party @ Jan's!


8:40-9:35 Kindergarten

9:40-10:35 1st Grade

10:40-11:35 5th Grade

11:40-12:35 2nd Grade

1:30-2:25 3rd Grade

2:30-3:25 4th Grade


· Color tracker data

· Any behavior interventions and data (point sheets, etc.)

· Blue folders

· Academic data (classroom grades - Lisa has access to SRI, DRA, and i-Ready data)

Last Week's Behavior Data

Administrative Interventions: Many... Thanks, Dianne!

ISS: 1

OSS: 1

Send Home: 1

Trends/Hot Spots: From talking to Dianne, it seems like the yo-yo's have been a little too much fun for some of our kiddies :-)

Christmas Party!!!

Don't forget to sign-up for the Potluck for the Christmas Party this Friday, December 11 at 4:30 at Jan's house.


Would you want to spend the whole day learning in your own classroom?

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