New York

by: Angela Vera Sanchez


New York is in the west of the United States in North America. It is a big city. Its got aproximately sixt millions four thousand and six hundred in habitants.

Wheader and climate

The climate of New York is extemly. In Winter it is very cold and in summer is very hot.


New York is a modern city. It was founded in the year one thousand live hondred and tweenty four. It has got a lot of monumets and thins to see. New York is famous fot it skyscrapers amd it is also famous fot its museums.

-In New York you can see the Empire State bulding and the Times Squares.

-There is a stadium.

-New York has also got a statue called the Liberty Statue.

-You can also find a catedral.

Lisure and Entertaimen

There are lots of thigs to do in New York. You can go visit museums . You can also go to the Statue of Liverty.


The main industry is food. Tourist love sightseeing and buying a lot of present.

Personal opinion and recomendation

I think New York is a fabulous place. Come and visit us.