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The New Google Docs Outlining Tool Is Getting LOTS of Attention!

So Google Docs added a new outlining tool last week and it exploded all over Twitter! If you or your students need to create an outline, it could be very useful. Check out the video below!
Google Docs Outlining Tool
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Google Docs Voice Type Just Made Some Major Improvements!

At the beginning of the school year, we were very excited that Google added voice typing its tools! This allows many of our students who have trouble writing/typing their thoughts express themselves! Now Google has added to the capabilities of this wonderful tool. You can now actually edit your Google Doc using your voice.

Click here to see what's new. It's AWESOME!

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Gmath Add-On - Whoa....

Sometimes math teachers think that they can't use digital tools as much as other teachers, but there are many ways that they can. Gmath is an add-on available for Google docs, sheets, & forms that allows math teachers to do some really awesome things! Gmath has SO MANY features and applications that it is overwhelming (especially to a non math teacher like me).

The Gmath Guru, John McGowan, has a very easy to use website with step by step directions and animated gifs that will answer pretty much any question you have about this add-on and give you many ideas of how it can help in your classroom! From how to create an expression to creating math quizzes with Google forms, he's got you covered!

Click here to go to the Gmath Guru Website!