Genital Herpes

By: Zakaria Channaoui

What is Genital Herpes

Genital Herpes is a virus


Transmitted by unprotected sex when infected skin touches the vaginal, oral, or anal area.


  • Itching and pain in the vaginal oral or anal area.
  • Painful sores appear on vagina, penis, scrotum, buttocks, or anus.


  • There is no cure
  • See family doctor, adolescent doctor, gynecologist, or heath clinic for diagnosis
  • Medication the prevent sore outbreaks


  • Will stay in body even after sores have healed
  • Will reactivate itself over and over causing discomfort and painful episodes of sores each time.


  • Abstinence
  • Use dental dams as oral protection
  • Avoid sex if partner has herpes or a sore outbreak even with condoms and dental dams