Wildcats Blitz

By: Jake Maddox

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Reviewed By: Brien

Do you like football? If yes then this is the book for you. The four main characters are Logan, Carlos, Andrew and Noah. They are the Westfield Junior High 8th grade Wildcats football team’s 4 stars. Each star has a problem. Logan does not want to play against his old team. Carlos needs to pass the ball a lot more. Andrew wants to run faster and Noah needs to keep his head in the game and not in his sports magazines. When they figure out how to solve their problems they are unstoppable. It takes every Wildcat to win.Will this team have what it takes to go all the way.

I really liked this book a lot because it is about sports and sports are the best kind of books.In the first half of every game each player makes a lot of mistakes then the second half comesthey fix all of their mistakes and play like a team all of a sudden a really big surprise happens so there is a very exciting feeling when they score a touhchdown .the These games always endin a very exciting way. the 4 stars learn to always play their best in the games.When they scored I felt like I was at each game live. Every player has there own special strengths For example I like how Andrew got faster by running home from practice Noah has a very good knowledge of the game Logan has power and smarts Carlos is talented and has guts every player has their special strengths.I really like Jake Maddox as an author and I think that this is one of his best books.

I would recommend this book to 3 to 5 graders that like sports books.These players are very serious players that enjoy football a lot.One of the lessons in this book is that you should never quit. These games end very exciting and they learn how to play their positions When you read one of Jake Maddox’s books you get sucked in and have to read another one of his books.