May 2019 Technology Newsletter

By: Michael Kealy

Welcome Ron Finell

Please join the Technology Department in welcoming Ron Finell to the Technology Department as a Network Specialist. Ron brings over twenty years of information technology experience to the district and we believe he will be great addition to our extraordinary team.

End of Year Technology Equipment Collection

Staff Laptop Collection

The Technology Department will be collecting laptops from all staff members. This will allow the Technology Department to perform updates on individual devices. Each individual staff member has to return his/her equipment please do not send it via inter-office mail or with a friend.

During the updates the content on your laptop will be deleted including, but not limited to, photo's, video's, documents, etc... In preparation for the collection process you are strongly advised to back up your content to Google Drive. If you need additional assistance please submit a Technology Help ticket prior to 6/19.

To better assist the Technology Department staff will be required to complete a brief "Technology Collection Survey" which can be found HERE, prior to returning their laptop and checking out for the end of the school year. Staff members that have not been issued any technology equipment are required to complete the survey as well. Please review the survey prior to the week of 6/19 in case you have any questions you need to direct towards the department. After the week ending on 6/21 the Technology Services Staff will not be able to assist with survey questions due to the collection of both student and staff technology equipment during the week of 6/24.

Once you have completed the survey, you can return your laptop (with the charger) to the Beacon High School Library on Tuesday, 6/25 or Wednesday, 6/26 7am-12:30pm and 1:15pm-3pm daily. Please be advised that the Technology Services Office will be closed for lunch between 12:30-1:15pm each day and we will not accept equipment during this time. When your equipment is returned a member of the Technology Department will provide written verification for your building principal that you have completed these procedures based on your building checkout process.

If you have unused, broken, or obsolete technology equipment in your classroom that needs to be removed please submit a technology help ticket ASAP, prior to leaving at the end of the year, with a description of the equipment, whether it works or not, and the specific location in which the equipment can be found. During the summer a member of the Technology Department will remove the equipment. Please do not send technology equipment, wires, etc... to the Technology Department, a ticket must be submitted.

Student Technology Collection


The Technology Department will begin collecting High School Chromebook carts beginning Tuesday, June 18th. Rombout Middle School Students will return their Chromebooks at a designated time and place to be announced by Mr. Soltish. The Technology Department asks that Elementary School teachers place Chromebook carts in the hallways of their school on 6/26. If you have a Chromebook cart that has damaged or missing Chromebooks please submit a technology help ticket prior to 6/18.


Lastly, any teachers that use iPad's purchased by the district in their instruction should submit a technology help ticket requesting that the Technology Department pick up the iPad(s) in advance of summer. Please perform an iCloud and/or Google Drive backup prior to submitting the ticket as all content on the iPad will be deleted as we perform updates.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation!

PowerSchool Tips

Did you know you there are 2 ways you can get help, hints, and tips about PowerSchool without submitting a help ticket?

Join the PowerSchool Community: CLICK HERE

Access PowerSource

Follow the screenshot pictures below!

1. Click box in upper right hand corner of PowerSchool

2. Click "PowerSource"

3. Search for Help, Hints, and Tips

It's that easy!

Big picture
Big picture
Big picture

Google Updates:

Team Drives is being renamed to shared drives

What’s changing

The “Team Drives” feature of Google Drive will be renamed to “shared drives.” This will impact:

  • Drive on web and mobile: Timing may vary depending on the specific platform. See below for more info.
  • Drive File Stream: Beginning on May 31, 2019, with the Drive File Stream version 31 release, “Team Drives” will be renamed to “shared drives” in the Drive File Stream navigation. This may require you to update settings on your devices (see below for more info).

Who’s impacted

Admins and end users

Why it’s changing

This change will not impact Team Drives functionality; it is simply a name change. Our users have told us that they use Team Drives for a lot more than sharing within teams, so “shared drives” makes it easier to understand how you could use them.

How to get started

  • End users: In Google Drive, in the left hand side panel, “Team Drives” will be renamed to “Shared drives.” Any desktop shortcuts that link to content inside of shared drives will need to be updated.

Create and insert image carousels in new Sites

Quick Launch Summary:

We’re making it easier for site editors to share a selection of images in new Sites by creating a new image carousel. You can use this new content type to highlight images on your site, like a project page where you can feature concepts and designs, or share photos from a conference on an event page.

To insert an image carousel to your Site:

  • In the right sidebar, click Insert > Image carousel
  • Select images to upload or select from already uploaded images.
    • Drag images to reorder as desired.
    • Hover over the image to delete or add alt text.

  • To set carousel settings, click the gear icon to the top right and select from the following:
    • Auto start: images in the carousel will automatically cycle.
    • Show dots: displays progress indicators for the carousel.

Check Out What's New This Month In Discovery Education Streaming

Reminder: TEQ Online Professional Development Has Returned

A reminder, Teq is an approved NYS CTLE PD Provider, so any qualified courses that you complete can be used towards your state-mandated professional learning hours. Just be sure to take the quiz after completing a course to receive your certificate of completion!

Accessing the platform is easy! We have enabled Google Single Sign On so you don't have to remember any passwords. A welcome email was recently sent to all teachers. You can access the program by logging in ( and selecting “Login with your Google Account”.

Big picture

Cybersecurity Prevention

A reminder: If you receive the "be careful with this message" icon above please only click the "report spam" or "report phishing" buttons if you believe the email falls into either one of these categories. If the email is neither spam nor phishing no action is required.

Thank you for your attention to this matter as the department has recently received several false reports from users.