Endangered Fin Whale!

A Majestic North Carolina Mammal

Fin Whale

The fin whale, also called the fin back whale, razorback, or common rorqual, is a marine mammal belonging to the suborder of baleen whales. The scientific name of the fin whale is the balaenoptera physalus. Throughout the years these whales have migrated and made themselves known along the Carolina Shore. Originally they were vastly spread out near the West Indies. But now you can find a family of Fin Whales cruising along the Wilmington Coast

Where are our whales going?

The fin whale is the largest mammal, next to the blue whale that is.
The fin whale has been severely impacted worldwide by commercial whaling. Nearly 750,000 animals were killed in areas of the Southern Hemisphere alone between 1904 and 1979, and they are rarely seen there today. Their current status is unknown in most areas outside of the North Atlantic.


The actions that are taking place to save these creatures is actually very bleak. It saddens my heart to know that people are just "adopting whales" and sending donations

The fin whales are becoming endangered because even though commercial whaling has been banned nationwide, the amount of whales that were lost during that time was very drastic.