Drugs and Athletic Performance

by Alec Volkenant


Drugs affect your athletic performance in many ways. some drugs help your performance like steroids but are bad for you. and some drugs like alcohol causes you to perform very poor

Media Influences

one media influences for alcohol is a T.V show called "friday night lights" where a football player is an alcoholic that is very good at football so it makes kids think that if they drink the will be a star football player. Another influence is in popular songs like kid cudi's song "marijuana" has an influence on kids who like the song, do marijuana. it has lyrics in the song that makes kids want to do the drug


one group of people that you could ask about this topic would be coaches they could tell about the consequences of playing a sport and do drugs at the same time. Another group of people that you could talk to about this topic would be a health teacher they would help you with the affects of drugs.

Immediate and long risk factors

some immediate risk factor is if you get caught by people you will get kicked off the sports team. You will also lose your abilities that you use to have. You will not care as much about the game and you will lose trust from teammates. some long term risk factors that it will be on your record if you do drugs and play sports at the same time. you never be able to play sports again.Another long term affect is you will most likely become addicted to the drug and it will be hard for you to stop doing it when you really want to.


some advances is that new drug test are being used. One example of this is athletes used to use drug doping because they new that scientist could not detect this form of doping. Now because of new technologies they can differ between old blood and new blood. In the future they plan on starting to do more urine drug test on high school athletes because the drug use of high schoolers is rising.


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