Just Kidding! Clipper Ship are revolutionizing the Union.

What is a Clipper Ship?

Clipper ships are classic ships of the 19th century, renowned for its beauty, grace, and speed. They first started from a small, swift coastal packet known as the Baltimore clipper, the clipper evolved first in America and later in Britain. In its true form it was a long, slim, beautiful vessel with a projecting bow and radically streamlined hull. They were important for tea trade, as tea from Asia could be transported to England or America in record time. They were also used to transport easterners to California gold rush.

Donald McKay

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The Founder, Donald McKay

Donald McKay become famous as the builder of some of the greatest clipper ships of the 1850's. McKay's designed and launched a number of highly regarded clipper from his shipyard in Massachusetts. Donald McKay was born in Nova Scotia, Canada, on September 4, 1810, the second of 16 in a farming family. After receiving a normal education in Canada, McKay traveled to New York City at the age of 17 and became an apprentice to the ship builder Issac Web. He had also build the Flying Cloud and more.

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